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IVF for older women? Lock Rss

Hi. First post here although I used to frequent Mothering and was a paid subscriber under another name.
I'm looking for fertility clinics that will perform procedures - egg retrieval, IVF, IUI, on "poor candidates". I am in NY but would travel.
A little background - I do have children and believe I am capable of conceiving again. We had just begun TTC after getting my period back postpartum when DH got diagnosed with prostate cancer. He plans to store sperm, but I am far from an ideal IVF candidate. I am 44 and overweight. While I know we may never conceive another biological child, I am looking to try. Thank you for any information and prayers.
IVF didn't worked for me. I tried IVF for 3 times. But it didn't worked for me. I also tried IUI but failed at it too. I have been to many doctors but they can't tell the reason behind my infertility. So now i have decided to go for surrogacy.I am infertile and there is no such reason behind my infertility.
I live in Bulgaria where surrogacy is prohibited. So we have to move to another state to get to a clinic regarding surrogacy. Like you i am also looking for surrogacy. I am learning from others people experience about surrogacy. Many people here are going towards surrogacy they some experience about it. Most of the couples have gone through surrogacy so they have some experience or feedback regarding it.
I have read from many people that Ukraine is very popular regarding surrogacy. Many people share their success stories of that clinic. I also watched some videos regarding surrogacy from that clinic.
Here is the link of the youtube channel of clinic you can have a look and get some idea from there.
I was TTC very hard but had no luck with TTC. I was pregnant for 3 times but i resulted in miscarriages every time. My marriage came to an end and my husband left me. I was left totally heartbroken and alone. But i have married again at the age of 43. I was trying to have a baby from the past 17 years. But i never succeed in this plan. Firstly i had many complications while getting pregnant. I knew all my complications about my previous pregnancies. So I told my husband everything about my issues. He said he is fine with my complications. Then we decided to have a baby via surrogacy. So we started looking for a clinic for surrogacy. We found a very good clinic in Ukraine. The clinic is very good in surrogacy. It has many positive reviews about its services. Soon we will fly to the clinic to start our surrogacy journey there.
The clinic BioTexCom is arranging an event in London. The event is all about the infertility treatments at the clinic. The event is taking place on 18-19 of this month. The clinic will also offer some seats to get registered there. I will also register myself there. It is a beneficial event for people planning for surrogacy. I am also planning for surrogacy. So it will be useful for me. I was TTC from last 10 years. But there was no sign of conceiving. I went to different doctors for my checkups. After extensive testing doctors were also unable to trace the issue with my infertility. I was stressed and was sad. I talked to my husband about this. He said not to worry that everything will be fine. We keep on TTC for some more time and still there was no hope in it. So we gave upon the idea of TTC. I was sad and depressed. Than a friend of mine told me about surrogacy. And now i am going for the event and surrogacy.
Wow, this is such a delightful news. Kudos to soon to be moms. Congratulations to her. May this journey be a less painful one for her. I am also trying to conceive. I got an email id of Adonis. I was so excited to get my process done. But all my excitement went in vain when they told me that this is very painful. If I can not show patience then it will be useless. How can they do this to me? Instead of motivating me they were making me all about second thoughts. I am kind of disappointed now. Please be nice to us. Kindly share some information about other clinics. I would very thankful.
Dear, you need to opt for surrogacy. Choosing the good clinic for this treatment is very important. There is a wors clinic like Adonis. I have read many bad reviews about it. They are real scammers. They are playing with peoples emotion. I wish such clinic should be shut down. It really doesn't mean good clinic doesn't exist. There is a good clinic in Europe. You should go there. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. You should go there. It will be best for you. I wish you a good luck. My best wishes are with you. Baby dust to you. smile
According to my knowledge, IVF doesn't work in some cases. Now you have exceeded so pregnancy could create some complication for you. So I think you should go for surrogacy. A lot of infertile couples are getting so much help from this methods. If you are interested in this. Then be careful while choosing the clinic. Certain clinics like Adonis have come in this field and looting people for the sake of money. Everything is fake there. I'm just informing you in this way, you would not become their victim. So choose your clinic wisely.
All my sympathies are with you
I can understand how hard it is to deal with infertility. I think IVF is a great option but it may not suit you because of your age. It could create some complication with your pregnancy. I think you should go for surrogacy. In this process, the embryo will be developed artificially and later it is injected into the third mother for further growth and development. A lot of infertile couples are getting so much help from such methods. I think you should go for it. It is not much risk and a more reliable option. But choose your clinic wisely. There are certain fake clinics like Lotus have come in this field. They are looting people to earn money and do not have any interest in someone lives. So I think you should choose the well-reputed clinic for you. It will be good for you. My sympathies
I am sad to know about your story.But i think surrogacy is best for you.This is the blessing of God for infertile people.
Because surrogacy is the best way to born baby for infertile people.It is the simple and natural way to born baby for infertile people.My cousin is suffering from infertility.Due to miscarriages due to bad habits she lost her fertility.She wants baby so she decided to go for surrogacy.Surrogacy is the last hope for her to born baby.So she contact with clinic for surrogacy.Finally she reached there foe surrogacy.She got positive results.Now she has a beautiful baby.So surrogacy is the best way to born baby for infertile. Every people must know about this.
Hey, honey. How are you? I hope you're doing alright. I'm really happy for you. I hope this works out. You have had a tough time. Age isn't on your side. But, it's great to see that you haven't lost hope. My prayers are with you. I really, really wish this happens! IVF is a really good procedure. Don't give up after a couple of tries. It could take up to more than just a few. Good luck to you! Don't forget to update us!
Well, don't think at your own that way. Still, try getting a consultation. There may be good chances for you. So, yeah! Stay strong! Don't lose hope. I'm also having the process abroad later this month. So, yes! Anyway! Best regards! Still, trying is a must!
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