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Hey, it's tragic though. I can feel the happiness of having children. But it's painful when someone you love, leaves you. I have not experienced it but I can feel you. I would be painful for you to live with his memories. A person doesn't have any control over it. Well, these ups and downs are the part of life. One should have enough courage to go through such consequences. Well, I can't lower your pain but can share it by helping you. Surrogacy is such a great blessing of science. But the important step in this regard is choosing the rightful facility. Europe is well-known in this regard for its surrogacy friendly environment. You can consult your doctor and go there. Some clinics there are taking advantage of the reputation of Europe in surrogacy. They are just looting people. Their offers would be tempting. But their administration and treatment are zero. So, I must say that you'd avoid clinics like Lotus and Adonis to cure such incidents again. Till that time, all the best!
Hey, Emma, I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss. I am sure this must have been extremely difficult for you to cope with. Only people who have been through it can understand the pain. Stay strong I am sure things will get better. I think you should move forward with the TTC journey. Consult an OB and ask him/her the reason for why this might have occurred. I am sure there is nothing too major to worry about. Best of luck sending baby dust your way.
Hey Emma. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, my dear, I am feeling very sorry for you. Indeed losing a baby is a dreadful incident of your life. It's never easy to overcome from this situation. But my dear you have to overcome it because there is no second option for you. My dear if you are facing some health issues then you should surely go for surrogacy. Because its the safest way to have a baby. And surely this will work for you. My cousin also had a baby through surrogacy and she is now enjoying her life. So dear don't lose hope and stay positive. Surrogacy will surely help you. Best of luck.
Hi Emma! I am so sorry for you loss dear. I know it must have been very heart breaking. I also had to face miscarriages after my 2 IVFs. I am infertile and that has not been easy to deal with. You were able to conceive once there is still hope for you. Don’t give up and keep trying. Everyone deserves to go through parenthood and if you can do it naturally than you must be willing to go for alternate methods.
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Losing your baby after he is born is really intolerable. I can understand your pain. I know it must have been really difficult for you. But it's not in our control. I am so sorry. It's just God's plan. He has written everyone's destiny. We have to keep going. So stay strong. Don't take too much stress. Try to forget what happened in the past. It will not give you any benefit. You should think about your future. Try to make your future happiness. Try to move on with your life. It all depends on how you make a decision. So, do what your heart says. But remember to make a wise decision for yourself.
This is so sad. I do not want you to think I am having pity on you. But it must be so hard for you. You seem to be such a strong woman for discussing this with us all. I would advise you to stay strong first off.
Secondly, there are so many options for you to consider. However, before you go for those, it would be best for you to consult your doctor. Maybe take second opinion on why this has been happening. Get you complete checkup done. Following that, if there is no option for you to carry your child yourself then you can always opt for the option of surrogacy.
It is an ideal option for couples facing any sort of such issues. There are a lot of clinics all over the place. You should talk to your husband about this as well. It is a good option, if everything else fails. I hope you find your happy ending very soon. Best of luck.
Have you found any reason behind all such things happening? This is just so heart-wrenching thing. I am so sorry for what all happened with you. I would first suggest you consult your doctor over this thing. What is actually the thing that is making happen such loss? There must be something that you should consider. There has to be the reason.
And the second thing. If you won't find any answer for this thing. I would ask you to give yourself some time. Of course, this is a huge thing. And you have to be courageous. To take next step. Once you have overcome all the odds thoughts. Try some alternatives. You must consult some fertility doctor. He would probably suggest you the alternatives. And I hope this would provide you with all the hopes.
Good luck.
Hi Emma how are you?. I am so sorry to hear what happened. Hope everything is fine on your end now. Please don't worry about this too much. I can understand what you might have been through. Do TTC one more time. Nonetheless, I would suggest that you opt for IVF procedure. But before doing anything do consult your doctor once more. But then even if that does not work, do think about IVF procedure. It is a lengthy process, and you will need to wait. But what can be better than having a baby even after you wait for it. So stay strong. Try looking at everything in a positive light. There is nothing wrong with that. I will pray for you and best of luck.
Hello dear. Hope you are good. I saw your post and I am really very depressed. No doubt it makes me cry. I can understand that it is a very awful condition. You faced a very very hard time. It was very tough time for you. You lose your baby. It is very difficult to see own baby die after a long time care and dreaming about him. But please there are many couples who have faced this critical situation in their life. You have to just be strong and be happy. You will be blessed again With a long living and healthy child. Don't be upset, please. I will pray for you. And I am sure you will get a very nice baby again. Just take care of your self. And don't lose hope. Keep trying. Keep in touch with your doctor And hope you will get the best result. I want to see your post again here with good news. Wish you a very good luck.
Hey there Emma. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry to hear about your baby. I know how hard it must be. I have been there. I can understand. Don't be stressful. Keep your self-busy. Surrogacy is really a great choice. You can go for it. Its is very safe and secure.
Hey, Emma. How are you? I hope you're doing well. This is such an tragic thing to hear I'm so sorry to hear about what you're going through. It must have been a really hard situation. My hopes are that things get better. I have known multiple people who have gone through MCs. However, going through what you did, must have been even harder! Happiness being snatched away. One can't even imagine what you must have been going through. I'm really sorry for you. My prayers are with you, and I hope you find a solution! Good luck and good day!
Hey Emma! Your story was really emotional. I hope you are doing fine. Stay strong love. This is part of life and you need to stand firm in such difficulties. Consult doctors regarding this matter and take their suggestions. I am sure you will find the right solution. I am an infertile woman, suffering from a hysterectomy. I am consulting doctors in a clinic in Europe. They were very helpful and suggested my surrogacy. I am looking forward to progressing with the surrogacy. If you need help regarding any matter feel free to contact. I hope you find your happiness soon. Sending baby dust your way. My best wishes are with you.
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