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Looking for LMC in Wellington Rss

Hi all
Unexpectedly found out we are pregnant.
Already 7 weeks.
Any advise or recommendations on an LMC?

We already have one daughter who was born by c section, but in another country. So I don't really know anything about how the system even works here in NZ, other than you need a LMC who is either a midwife or private specialist.

Are most happy to go for Midwife?
Was previously only cared for by a specialist so this is all new.

Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated

Most people use midwives as it can be a challenge to even find a specialist doctor to act as an LMC. Wellington is probably ok, but in Hamilton for instance, it's impossible – a midwife is the only option.

So I suggest you browse:

...and find one that has an office relatively close to you. You might have to call around a little bit, as many have full workloads.

Everything is paid for by the taxpayer in New Zealand. You won't get charged for anything.

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