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Illumi screen Rss

Has anyone had this test ? I'll be getting it next week -at 11 weeks pregnant- as I want to find out if the baby is healthy with high accuracy and have results back fast.
Is that the same as the NIPT (Noninvasive Prenatal Test)?
I had that at 11 weeks. I wanted to make sure my baby was healthy but I also had the nuchal scan too
because my Dr recommended it. I think it's great. I would prefer to know if there was something wrong with my baby. I found out the sex too. Good luck.

Yes it's pretty much the same, and like the harmony and percept tests too.
But you Can just do it at lab tests so it's easier and a bit cheaper.
Fingers crossed all is well, can't wait to find gender out.
Hi Missbrownie,

I was wondering how you are ? how your pregnancy is progressing and hoping you had a wonderful result from your Illumi test.

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