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Growing pains?? Rss

Hi everyone,
Im 21 weeks pregnant with my second child, last night I was woken by cramping in my stomach. It was up high, sort of under my boobs. I had to get out of bed as I was really uncomfortable. I wondered if it might have been Braxton Hicks as information Ive read has said you can get anytime from 20 weeks. Or could it be just growing pains...everything is starting to get pushed up higher now?! I should also add that this morning I kept busy but by lunchtime realised the crampy/tight feeling was back/still there.
Anyone else experienced this??
It could be growing pains, although I felt them often down lower, underneath my baby belly. It could also be that your baby has just pushed his/her head up into your ribs? And yes, it could also be Brixton hicks, I'm pretty sure I felt them that early with my second. It doesn't sound like anything serious though, I wouldn't worry too much. But if you are worried you could easily give your dr or midwife a call, they are there to help and usually quite willing to answer questions like that. All the best!

Thankyou for your reply smile My son is 8, so its been a while since my last pregnancy. I have not felt this before....and saying that, this young lady is much more active than my son quiet possible she's just pushing up - causing me this discomfort. It's not as bad today. although not gone entirely. I was going to call my midwife tomorrow if I still feel like this as I dont have an appointment until the end of may!
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