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Only 6 weeks but already showing Rss

I'm approx. only 6 weeks pregnant and already showing quite alot more than what I expected. I'm very petite, but have gone from a size 6 to a size 10 in pants and I feel huge. Is this normal?? Has anybody else experienced this?
It is fairly common. Bare in mind that your baby is only the size of a grain of rice. It isnt really that you are 'showing' as such. It's just the the ligaments etc that hold your uterus are stretching and softening, so not holding you in as much, and you are probably retaining water.

I was in full maternity gear with my first at 11 weeks. But with my second I was barely showing until about 17 weeks

Ok that's a bit of a relief, thought I was a bit weird.

Really don't know how I'm going to hide it for another 6 weeks if this is how I'm progressing, might have to let the cat out of the bag a bit earlier!
I let the cat out of the bag early, not so much because I was showing(I've "looked" pregnant since I was 14 because of really bad water retention that I just couldn't shake) but because it seemed easier to do so but let people know that because of health issues it was still very likely I would miscarry and I didnt want to explain "I was pregnant after being told I couldnt get pregnant and I lost it so now I feel horrible".
I told all my family/close friends/workmates(no young children) but nothing was made public(facebook... eugh) until I was well in the clear.
Congratulations on your news BTW! grin enjoy it! smile

Yes it's tricky. I moaned a lot about eating too many donuts and needing to go on a diet to try and throw people off. But you do hold the weight in a specific way so its hard to hide.

Baggy tops and a big handbag are quite helpful!

The bloat is huge hey! It's not bubba yet as bubba is teeny tiny, I found that it was my bowels and gas mainly. I got some deflation around 9 weeks from memory lol drink your water too!
Hi smile
i am feeling much the same but its just bloating. i find it hard wearing jeans/most other pants or shorts in my wardrobe as they all put too much pressure on my stomach and its painful/makes me feel more sick. loose fitting dresses are quickly becoming my go-to clothing items
I'm quite petite and was showing pretty much as well. But I could hide it with loose clothes so my friends didn't notice it till around week 15!
I'm nearly 9 weeks, I thought I was showing at about 6 weeks when I found out, then I read about bloating. Apparently you can be quite bloated one day, then the next you can be flat like previously. I found this out, as it happened to me, but like the girls above said, it's not your bub showing yet, it's about the size of a pea, but google bloating during early stages of pregnancy. That's how I found about it. It's totally normal.
Good luck with your pregnancy smile

For my first, I was at least 12 weeks and still completely flat. I had only found out then, and so before hand I was still fencing (sport kind) and doing all the exercise we had to do, sit ups, push ups, running etc. I kept doing it once I found out, but after a couple of weeks it got more uncomfortable. I think I was 20 or so weeks when I showed for real. And even then I didn't look full term at 9 months.

With this one, considering it's my second, it became clear I was pregnant much earlier than the previous one, though I still didn't show till at least 12 weeks. I'm 18 weeks at the moment, and I'm showing a bit. But this time it's my favourite part. Except for the part where I can only fit one pair of my pants...
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