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False labour - anyone else gone through it?? Lock Rss

Just wondering whether anyone else has gone through false labor and whether it indicated that things were "getting ready / close".

I am currently at 36 wks and on the weekend I was administered into hospital, having contractions every 4 minutes for about 5 hours. Then after a little bit of a sleep, everything just magically stopped and bubby changed his mind! All the midwives on call at the time believed that I was in preterm labor and that bubby was coming that day - until suddenly everything stopped and bubby changed position. Turns out - all a false alarm. The doctor's exam showed no dilation but the cervix was softening (sorry if that is TMI)

But, I have heard that this is an indication that things are "getting ready" and that bubby might only be a couple of weeks away - and I may not go full-term or over like with my first one (which is what I was hoping lol).

Any thoughts or experiences?? I'm thinking I might start getting my act together and organise hospital already!!
I was 27 weeks with dd when I experienced false labour pains. Ended up admitted to hospital overnight where they did a test which apparently stated I wasn't going to have my baby for at least 2 weeks. At about 35 weeks I again ended up hospitalized with the same false labour pains and the same test results. The midwives treated me really badly and basically implied I was making it all up. As a result the next time I experienced identical labour type pains I refused to go to hospital despite it being 10pm the night before my due date. I continued to refuse because "the midwives will just tell me I'm making it all up again" until at 4am my DH had had enough and forced me in. By the time we got to hospital and I admitted I was due today I was whisked down a back corridor to delivery suite and my dd was born pretty much bang in the middle of the day on my due date (apparently only 2-3% of babies arrive on their due date!)
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