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Low hcg in early pregnancy Rss

I got a faint positive on Sunday. Went to doctor and he also got a faint positive. had bloods and this morning he tells me my hcg is only 13. I realise this is incredibly low. I have another test tomorrow so will know on Thursday. Logic tells me that I am likely to have a miscarriage any moment now. Has anyone else had similar levels? According to my LMP I should be 4w 5d. Feeling pretty sad right now sad
I haven't had low hcg levels mine were all though the roof with our first and sixth pregnancy ended in a mc so I would fell to down about it, it might just mean that you a bit earlier then you think.
mine was low and it turned out i was a week behind due to implanting late. it could all still work out grin good luck

Big hugs, hopefully it is just slow at kicking off. I had 2 miscarriages last year the first my levels barely crept over 175 then started dropping - I should have been 5wks, my last they started at 450 & initially doubled but we were in the low range. At 9wks I had a D&C sad It is such a hard thing to go through & the unknown is worse xx
Big hugs, I went thru something similar an ended in mc. Not what you want to hear I know. sad fx it is just earlier than you think .

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

They have gone from 13 to 36 in 48 hours.
I am not hopeful though as it still sounds very low to me sad
I thought I would update for those that are interested or going through the same thing.
My Hcg went from 36 to 135 in 2 days. It then went from 135 to 1300 in 5 days. Doctor is happy and will check it weekly for the next 3 weeks. I am feeling a lot more positive and relaxed after hearing this.
Thanks foxglove. The doctor has said I will have one in 2 weeks and then another one 2 weeks after that. I am not sure why I will have 2 scans and then a 3rd one at 12 weeks. I dont really mind though as I love scans.
Thanks, I really appreciate your thoughts. I will let you know how I am going after my scan on the 30th smile
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