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First time mum, 4/5 engaged Rss

Hi mums,
I'm 37+5 or 38+2 depending on which date you want. I had a midwife app today, our boy is 4/5 engaged. I was so hoping he'd be further in, I want to meet him sooner than later.
My question is, although all pregnancies/ babies are different in your experience how long until bub was fully engaged or you went into labour? Tips on moving him down?
I have no clue I am sorry but just wanted to say good luck! You're nearly there and hope you get to meet your boy very soon.
Tigerlily. wrote:

At my last 2 midwife appointments (at 38 & 39wks) bub was only 4/5ths engaged as well. I have since researched it a bit and apparently bubs can often fully engage at the last minute (i.e. when you are in labour) so I wouldn't worry too much. There are lots of different things you can do to encourage your bub to move lower (i.e. walking, bouncing etc.) but they are going to come when they are ready anyway. My midwives/docs have not mentioned any concerns about how far engaged she is.

I totally get that you're anxious to meet him - me too with my little one - I never thought I would make it to my due date (which is today!). smile

I can handle that. At least it doesn't mean he will definately be weeks away. Fingers crossed for soon.
All the best with your bub. I just keep thinking everyday that passes is another day closer to meeting him.
I'm going to hit the pavement and walk him out. Ha ha
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