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Pregnant 5 months after having a baby Rss

Soo... I found out last week that I am 12 weeks pregnant (after being on the pill) with #2 who is due 2 weeks before #1's birthday. I am going to have 2 babies with 11 months between them.
I had #1 by emergency c section and will most likely have to have #2 by c section also and am a little concerned about the risks to myself and bub. Has anyone else experienced this? Did it make the pregnancy harder?
I am also panicking about how I will manage with 2 babies so close together in age. Will #1 be jealous?
Any advice and stories will be greatly appreciated I am silently pooping myself on the inside tongue
Congratulations. I have not had experience of this myself but my mum did. There is only 11 months between me and my older sister. Mum always said it was a bit like having twins. Its hard at first but then you get into a routine and it becomes easier. She used to say that we would entertain each other quite a bit because there was such a small difference in development levels.

I am also really close to my sister and according to mum we were like that from birth. I think because we are so close in age we share a special bond. I have two younger sisters and although we all have good relationships its just not the same. My big sister is my best friend.

Neither I or my mum had a c section so I cant help with that. Your OBGYN or GP should be able to give you some advise.

Best of luck.
Just wanted to congratulate you. My sister had her two older kids close in age & she managed even with her chronic daily migraines. You will be fine. xx

Hi there, congratulations on your pregnancy. I too have a five month old and have recently found out we're expecting. Baby is due a week after my sons first birthday. I was totally stunned when the test came back positive, but have managed to get over the shock now lol. I don't have any info about c-sections but my doctor did say health wise its perfectly fine to have babies this close together.

I think the pregnancy will be tough (I was very big with my son, he was a 10 pounder), but this time around I'm planning on taking it a bit easier. No more scrubbing floors on my hands and knees and cleaning windows in the last tri-mester lol.

Also from what I have heard, one year olds haven't really developed the concept of jealousy yet so with a bit of luck they will be the best of mates.

All the best
Oh wow, good luck with that one smile
Thanks for your replies everyone.... certainly gives me something to think about tongue
CONGRATULATIONS ! my 1st and 2nd are 16 months apart then, my 2nd and 3rd are 13 months apart.Sorry that sounds confusing but basically I had 3 in 2.5 years.As babies/toddlers there was not much in the way of jealously but sibling rivalry is rife now.Good suggestions from khmum.We had 2 cots, 2 high chairs and a double pram and once we got into a routine life was manageable, hectic/chaotic and always busy, busy , busy.However it was good training for life now.Things get a bit harder before they get easier( and it does get easier) but the busy lifestyle gets even more so as kids get older.A hint: accept all offers of help especially in the early days good luck with the rest of the pregnancy.Also I had 3 c sections and all was fine

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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