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Few pregnancy questions... Rss

Hey Keeki

As I started to reply I realised I can't remember most of these things - lol

With the scan I would ring the clinic and see what they recommend. I had all mine around the 20 week stage.

Deep heat I am not sure, does it say anything on the pack?

Movements, I know they all got progressively earlier. My first was around 21/22 weeks then i think about 18 weeks after that.

I finished work at 38 weeks for DS, worked part time til about 36 weeks with DD 1 and then the same again for DD2 although if may have been closer to 34/35 weeks.

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

As a side track

LM cute new pic, looks like they have a whole beach to themselves smile

Mr J (April 2005) Miss Z (Feb 2007) and Miss O (Oct 2010)

I had my scan done just over 21 weeks.

As far as I know you can't use Deep Heat but Elmore Oil is safe to use as it's all natural.

I felt first flutters at about 16-17 weeks. Actual movement was around 19-20 weeks (I think - Seems like so long ago now)

I left work at 27 weeks due to high blood pressure. Didn't have intentions to leave until 36 weeks but now at just over 31 weeks I'm glad I'm not working anymore.
I got my 18-20 week scan done at 18+2 days. Pics looked great and we were about to see its a little boy.
Not sure on deep heat sorry.
Im now 19+2 days, i still havent felt anything yet. Im told me placenta is anterior and may absorb the little flutters - bugger!!
I plan to work up until 38 weeks. My job isnt stressful or physical. However this is my first pregnancy so i have no idea what im in for, i may want to run away early.
1. we went for our scan at 18 weeks then again at 20 cause they didnt get everything they needed as DS was in a bad position. but im sure it shouldnt matter too much.

2. not sure about the deap heat sorry.

3. felt the first fluttery movements around 16 weeks. but thats normal for a first pregnancy. for second a other pregnancy its usually a bit earlier.

4. 32 weeks. my job was standing all day and it was torture. left as soon as i could.

I had my scan at 23 weeks with DS, they didnt seem to mind that it was out of the 19-21 week span. I cant remember how far along I was with DD1 and DD2, was a while ago.
I felt flutters from 15 weeks with my DS and kicks from 17 weeks. I think the more pregnancies you have the more in tune you are with everything.

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