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Period like pain at 32 weeks Rss


I am just over 32 weeks with #2 and since saturday have had pain in my stomach which just feels like period pain. I have also had a really sore back and hips.

Any ideas what it could be??

If it comes and goes like contractions (irregular, not increasing in pain) then it sounds like braxton hicks to me, I have been having period pain type braxton hicks every now and then. However it could just be pregnancy aches (I have constant back ache and hip pain). Otherwise if you are worried, you could call your midwife, ob, or hospital (depending on your level of care), or mention it at your next appointment.

I have been having these for about a week too, doctor says that its likely that they are braxton hicks with the way i am describing it (never had them with DD so had no idea!) as long as its not increasing in pain, lenght or accompanied by bleeding it may just be your body getting ready for the birth!
Hope you get some relief i know it can be very uncomfortable sometimes!!

Hey, I feel these too at some points of the day. Baby has been moving her feet to a different side of my belly three times in three weeks now. And I find when she kicks on my left side there is a pain like she is kicking my ovaries or something. Ouch

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