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she is finally here!! Rss

Yay finally after 41 weeks my baby girl finally made her appearance. My waters finally broke on easter at 3pm but after making it down to the hospital i was told that bub had pooped inside me. By 5 o clock i was down in the maternity ward. By 6:30 was induced about 8 o clock got an epidural and had gas towards the end which was amazing!!dr said bub was measuring at 38 weeks and kept asking if my dates were right? But eventually she made her appearance at 5:16 this morning after 12 long hours weighing 8lbs 4oz which is huge to wat the family guessed. She is the most beautifulest girl and im so blessed to have her here finally smile breanna shae smile
Wonderful, congrats

Congrats smile

DS - Nov 2008 & DD - Feb 2012

Love her name esp her middle name!! Welcome to the world bubs...
Congratulations smile

Congratulations smile
Aw congrats!! Glad she is here, she was worth the wait huh? Lol

Enjoy these early days wub

Awww congrats!! laugh
congrats, and what a beautiful name smile
Congratulations on your little girl!
I love her name. smile
thanks ladies and yes defently worth waiting every minute. bit tired cos all i wanna do is lay there and stare at her smile she loves hearibg her daddys voice smile xx
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