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Has anyone had a loss of symptoms... Rss

I am only around 6 weeks but have been feeling pretty yucky for about a week (nausea and heightened sense of smell) and suddenly today I feel fine. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had their morning sickness clear up without it affecting their pregnancy. The last time this happened to me I lost the baby sad I've had two healthy girls since then though..
Yeah don't stress too much hun I had that in both my pregnancies (im 17 weeks with this one now) Some days you are like "OMG i want to die", then others you're like "Ok i don't feel too bad today". If you are stressed though you can always just go see your doctor smile
I felt pretty yuck for a few days at around 6 weeks, then never had another day of MS after that. I've actually felt great since then, just a bit more tired and weepy than normal. I'm 14 weeks tomorrow and bubs is happy and healthy smile

As PP says, if you're feeling stressed about it, go and see your doctor and get some HCG blood tests to make sure your levels are rising properly, or ask for an early scan. That way you'll know for sure that bubs is just fine!

Thank you ladies, my mind is a little easier. I also realised it's probably because I've been eating alot more often today and got a good nights sleep last night for the first time in a week so it makes sense that I would feel better today! Thank you for your replies smile
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