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HELP - ANti D not given Lock Rss


I had my second baby in May 2011 and I have recently realised that I was not offered or given Anti D (my bloody type is O-) so I have looked into it and my babies blood type is A+ so I'm really wanting to know what this means for future pregnanies - what are the risks to the baby? Has anyone experienced this?
You will most likely be fine, but i would probably head to the docs now rather than waiting until after you are pregnant again.

Just with what the needle does, it may be beneficial to have you blood checked to see if you did produce anitbodies following your last pregnancy. They will then be able to either clear you of any future problems or may be able to fix something before you get pregnant if that makes any sense.

Not wanting to scare you hit this can be dangerous for your next pregnancy, I can't believe they didn't give you the shot after the birth. When you start ttc I would have a chat to your gp and find out what he would like to happen. It may just mean an anti d shot early on in the pregnancy. Lucky you picked it up smile
Hi my midwife said when pregnant again depending on that babys blood type may try to get rid of the pregnancy as if it was an invader in your body as it sees the pregnancy as something like a cold or virus and works the same way by attacking it to protect you.

I would go and talk to someone GP or obstetrician as soon as poss incase there is something they can give you. And like another lady said they can test to see if you have created your own antibodies without it from pervious pregnancy.

My friend had similar to this but with Anti E which I hadnt heard before, she was under specialist and it meant having montly then fortnightly tests to ensure her body was creating the things to start hurting the baby, once it got to a certain level they were going to take the baby early but thankfully she got to 38 weeks and now has a very healthy little girl.

Good luck and take care
I there, I am actually pregnant with anti-d in my blood (after a miscarriage with no ant-d injection after), I am B - and my partner is o+, so they have put me in the "HIGH RISK" for a miscarriage, if i don't happen to miscarry, they said the baby with either have anaemia, that may include a blood transfusion while still in my belly, De formality, or a possible still born.

A very stressing situation, and i would advise to anyone who is a NEG blood type to go get this checked before getting pregnant again.

Best of luck!
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