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two vessel umbilical cord Rss

Hi there,

I will be 37 weeks as of tomorow however we found out at our anatomy scan early on that our baby has a 2 vessel cord. The doctor doesnt seem too worried and is happy with bubs growth (we have had some extra scans as a result). I suppose what Im wanting to know is your experiences with having a baby with a 2 vessel cord. From what Ive heard there can be some serious complications after bubs is born however at the same time I have heard from midwifes etc. that they have delivered perfectly healthy babies with this condition...

Now that Im getting closer to delivery Im just starting to think a bit more about it especially as a midwife mentioned that bub will have a kidney ultrasound at approx 4 weeks of age.

I dont feel like Im getting much out of my doctor about it all and google is just scary!

I don't know that much about this but I've come across it (I teach 1st year midwifery/nursery students at university.. as it's only first year we don't really go in depth into anything yet)..

usually the umbilical cord has 2 arteries and one vein... sometimes there is only one of each.. this shouldn't affect the health of the baby too much provided the kidneys are working okay (which they would have also checked during the ultrasound).. as having a single umbilical artery can increase the risk of kidney problems.

As your doctor doesn't seem too concerned and you weren't referred on further for a more detailed scan it seems they believe everything is fine. Sometimes you actually have the 3 vessels and the 2 arteries fuse at some point in the cord giving the appearance of only 2 vessels... you can only tell once bubs is born if thats the case when they see a cross section of the cord.

If baby is growing fine, i think that should mean everything is going to be a-ok... as there can be growth restriction with 2 vessel u/c.
THanks for the reply it was good to hear another oppinion smile I'm not too concerned as bubs is developing fine, just cant wait to meet our little baby!
double post woops !
mine had only 2! We did not know until she was born. All is ok with no follow up required.

Hope this gives you peace of mind.

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