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  5. I had to take my rings off :-(

I had to take my rings off :-( Rss

I had to take my rings off because of my fingers getting puffy.
I was scared that they would swell so much that I would have to get my rings cut...
Did anyone else have to do this?
Wear them on a necklace smile

First we had Each Other, Then we had You, Now we have Everything

yep. mine have been off for awhile now.. can't remember the exact point though.
I had to take my engagement ring off at about 28 weeks. But I just couldn't bring myself to take my wedding ring off. My finger was that fat in the end my ring was flush with my finger blink
I only had to take mine off with my second (wore them on a necklace), must have got very puffy with her, as she was the smallest out of my babies!
I'm only just into my second trimester and had to, fml.
It is so good to know that I am not the only one.
I felt terrible taking them off but I had no choice.
My Hubby does not like the idea of them being on a necklace in case the chain breaks... I can totally understand that!!
After baby does the swelling go quickly?
I had to have my engagement ring cut off on the day I got married & never even got to put my wedding ring on.
I still haven't worn it, almost two years on sad
The swelling took forever to go away after I had DS.
He was 8 months when I got married and I still had fat fingers lol.

Wear them on a necklace instead, like someone else suggested smile
Yes! I had to take mine off a couple of weeks ago at 31 weeks. I hate not wearing them but I don't want to risk losing them if they were on a chain.
I had to take mine off at 30wks.. I went looking for a cheapy ring that was big enough to put on my finger in place of my wedder but couldn't find any big enough sad sad sad

I wear them on my necklace, I'm a little paranoid about losing them but I still tend to fiddle with them and am constantly checking that they're there and feel much better having them with me!

I hope the swelling goes quickly for us all!
I had terrible swelling with DS1 and it went away a few days after delivery.
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