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Baby's head fully engaged at 34 weeks with 3rd preg! Rss


I had a doctors appiontment this morning and my ob checked for bubs head and couldnt feel it! She said bubs is fully engaged and was very surprised. She said as this is a 3rd pregnancy she wouldnt expect this to happen so early and said there is a chance bubs will make an entrance soon!

Just wondered if this has happened so early for anyones 3rd pregnancy and how long till bubs arrived?

Thanks smile
DS2 engaged at 30wks, they thought he was going to make an early entrance too but didn't arrive until 39+5. I was just one of the 'lucky' ones who go to walk around for 10 wks with a watermelon between their legs! With bub #3 we will have to wait and see.

Thanks for your reply. That does make me feel a little better smile as much as id love to meet bubs now, i know it's not ready yet and i would really like to keep it in a bit longer!
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