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Anyone due on their b/day Rss

Wow. One personality for each child! grin

Wow. One personality for each child! grin

lol @ Marmy61
Wow, two sets of twins, AND due on your birthday. I wonder mummyforever if perhaps you also are having a girl in December and if you are 19 with adopted twins and if you also have screen names of wifeandmummytobe and Amelia or Amy hmm just saying I'm skeptical. If this is you I hope you aren't planning to be an author coz your stories are very far fetched and the plot changes rather quickly.

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Okay I have an idea. If everyone just ignored her then eventually she might go away. Just saying.
Well mines due on my partners birthday and was conceived on mine smile Im not ganna bother getting him a present this year as I think a baby is enough.

I'm not due on my birthday, but my DH's going to share his if I go on my due date =P 11/08/2011

Be careful giving out personal info such as birth dates!
You never know who's reading and what they may do if they gain enough other info as well.
my wee girl was born on her daddys birthday smile he said it was the best present as well as the ACDC dvd lol smile
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