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Maternal Serum Test (down syndrome test) Lock Rss


I was wondering about the Maternal Serum Test with my now 2 yr old my hubby says though we decided not too do it this time it is different the doctor gave us 2 papers for pathology one was for blood screens like Reubella and other things and an urne test the other was for the Maternal Serum test It wasnt till I got to pathology that I was handed info about the tssting,left wondering why do u get it now shouldn't the doctor give it too you so u can pre read it and know what it is about It explains what is involved and how it works and about the ultrasound where the check the back of the neck of the baby for excess fluid and also with the blood test if the chances are high but even then u can have a perfect normal baby there r 2 follow up test which can in small numbers result in miscarriage
one being Amniocentesis

I have a u/s booked next Wed and this info goes to her but am wondering how she will be if I don't do it my OBGYN last time asked did I do it and I said no about the maternal serum test and he was like why not!! felt like I was in the principals office LOL!!!!!

It is up too you if u have the test or not but feel like the professionals prefer u too probably as to give u the option of abortion but this is not a option any way with my DH or me

Did u feel like u where pressured in too getting it done did u do it did u not do it and why not
Love to hear comments about how other preg mums feel about this test



At the end of the day, if you don't want it done, you don't get it done. I had it done for peace of mind. Didn't mean I would have had an abortion if results weren't what I was hoping for either, but, at least I would have the rest of my pregnancy to prepare and do some reading.


You do not have to do this test, it is your choice and should not have to feel pressured into doing it.

I do not do any testing regarding downs syndrome with my babies because to be honest any results would not change the way we feel about the baby.

The question I have for anyone thinking about wether to do tests such as these is, 'what would you do with the answer.'

If it is something that an individual needs to know because of they do not want a child that may have downs syndrome and trust that the tests are accurate enough to predict downs syndrome then they should do it. If not then you have the right to question and decline smile
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I chose not to have it done. I'm not sure legally where my gp would stand if I chose to follow this up with her - but it turned out that she got it done anyway without my permission..

Anyway, to cut a long story short - my ultrasound came back abnormal and I was freaking out because it was a sign of having a downs baby... I was devastated! My gp rang me a short time after this news and said the other test had been stored on her database and she looked it up.... and it said there was only a 1 in 200 000 chance that I had a downs baby on board. So in the end I was glad that she did this as it would have been weeks of worry and testing otherwise. Dd was born perfectly normal with no issues.

So I'm all for the test now. smile

And dansally... in answer to your post - having been through the consideration if maybe having a downs baby - I know I would keep the baby anyway. However I would want to know for the sake of preparing myself psychologically for when the baby is born. Not only that... but lots of downs babies are born with a hole in the heart (and some with a cleft palate?)... therefore I would want to know what to expect, and I would want to know if there was going to be surgery involved soon after the birth.

Im 23 and decided not to have any testing done for down syndrome as mine and hubbys age we dont hold a risk and there is no family history in either families we didnt think it was worth it I have had little freak outs like ahhh what if bubs dose but we will find that out at our next scan cos they will say yes or no then but even the scans and test dont pick it up sometimes. Mums friend had a baby later on in life and had all the tests done as she was in her 40s and her partners family had 2 kids with down syndrome already the test came back that she was clear well she wasnt but James (her little boy) is one of the most amazing little kids ever he is small for his age and isnt talking properly(he is 5 and about the size of a 3 y/o) but he still is just amazing he loves me and I love him if I had a baby with down syndrome Id like to think it wouldn't really effect me and my hubby as we will still love the child
I have never actually been offered the test? If I wanted it should I be the first to ask? Docs have never told me anything about it. I knew it existed but just assumed it was only offered to 'at risk' mothers.
I have a 1 year old DD and am currently 10 weeks pregnant again.

I have never actually been offered the test? If I wanted it should I be the first to ask? Docs have never told me anything about it. I knew it existed but just assumed it was only offered to 'at risk' mothers.
I have a 1 year old DD and am currently 10 weeks pregnant again.

how old are u? if your under 35 some dr dont bother as its not cover via medicare
I'm not sure I felt pressured as such, but my Dr said only get the test if you would do something about it (ie only get the test if I would abort a baby with downs).

I disagreed with what she said, as I think that its better to know if you are going to have a child with a disability so you can better prepare yourself emotionally and also for their care.
HI, im having my 6th baby and im 36 so i had the test done but i regret doing this because i came back high risk, 1 in 200, and i worried my self sick for days but after a lot of thought i realized that i am only at risk .5% out of 100 and it was very unlikely that there is anything wrong but if there was i wouldn't terminate anyway, i did get offered the amnio but it is invasive and again i wouldn't terminate... god gave me my first child with Asbergers... ASD... i would never give him back so i suppose i just wasted $280 having the test... its a personal choice and im sure you will make the right one for you.
I didn't pay for mine.. but like I said, I told her I didn't want it done and she did it anyway. I wonder if she wore the cost?

She was an awesome Dr - gave me a kiss on the cheek straight after labour and even bought me a gift the next day! Sorry bit off track..... I've been a bit nostalgic lately! laugh

When I had my first 2 in 1993 and 2000 it was not explained to me what the test was for, I was only told it was a 12 week scan. This time my GP said the scan was to test for down syndrome and abnormalities, I decided not to get it done as I did not want to stress out and stress the baby out...

Wow thanks for the comments really interesting yeah would depend on your Gp mine is an old man must be in his 70's and bit set in his ways wonder what he will say when I don't get it done oh well

To unique1 I don't judge u though I don't believe in abortions I realise u had to make a a very hard descision to make and already have your hands full I hope that your at peace with yourself but it sounds like u are

Yes New Zealanders we do pay one for the blood test but get a slight rebate back from Medicare and also for the Ultrasound ($160) yikes LOL!! but cant wait to see if everything is ok heartbeat etc cos early in March I had what is called a blighted ovum where there is too much info and the baby doesn't form or if it does the embryo sort of grows and stops think that is sort of a easy explantion and u miscarry which was horrible was at the ED for hours waiting etc Your body thinks ur pregnant at this time I am not sure how far I was now never worked it out but thought I was 5 weeks 5 days but with this one I have used a conception calendar on the Net and been spot on with dates!! so think I was further in weeks

Anyway so looking foward to u/s as want to see the baby!!

I am hmm in my 41(eek)I had my son when I was 38 it took me along time to find a good man and he is a little older than me and these r his firsts something he thought he would never get too see LOL!! and his mum and dad!!

Love being pregnant had a good one last time so praying this one will be too and didn't have a too bad birth
Hope everyone has a fantastic day!! smile


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