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question re milk coming in @ 31wks Lock Rss

So today my boobs are HUGE and hard and like my milk is coming in. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, is it caused by the steroids? Is it a sign that bub is gonna try to come?? Any info or experience would be great. Also will it affect my supply if bubs doesn't come and goes to term? TIA ladies. smile

PS. Sooooo bored in hospital. smile

That would be colostrum, the pre-milk.. Milk doesnt come till a few days after baby is delievered. Not sure if its cause by the medication.
I know certain things can trigger you to make it, i had a implonon in a few years ago and when i took it out after 6wks for certain bad effects i started to make colostrum every time around my period until i fell pregnant this time..
I am only 23wks atm and i get days where my boobs are rock hard and full of colostrum. A small squeeze of my nipple not my breast and i leak all over the place. Some days are really good grin

I hope all things go well, sorry i didnt offer too much help.

i cant say from personal experience but my gf kept going into labour from about 30 weeks and everytime her milk would come in but she finally delivered at 38 weeks and breast fed for 12 months so u should be fine. i would jsut ask your doctor smile
You aren't going crazy-I went into labour at 31wks with a panic was rushed to brisbane n they managed to stop it-3 days later my milk came in-and this is my 2nd so I no my milk came in not just the colostrum-and after much panic n discussion with many ppl including lactation consultant it was decided to just leave my breasts alone-just applying cold packs and panadol for the pain as trying to express the milk could have put me into labour again-I have been in labour 5 or 6 times now and my milk tries to come in on the 3rd day after every single time-I am now 38+5wks and had another false labour only 4 days ago and sure enuf my milk came in again yesterday but it settles after a few days everytime n my nipples just tingle alot really is the only drama. I am sure my milk will be fine once bubby actually gets here and I cant wait to finally feed him-feel like i have wasted a whole lot of milk in pads which upsets me =(

Your milk will be fine too-don't express unless u want a pre-term bubby which im sure u dont just try to ease the pain with cold packs and panadol like I have done and sit tight it will settle down again -even if u do have a few drenched singlets in the middle of the night like ive had lol. Fingers crossed u can keep bubby in til term. I wish there was someone that could have told me this when it happened to me 7wks ago it was terrifying n nobody knew what to do even the experts-I asked everyone. Good luck xx
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