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Restless Legs and no sleep! Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone else out there is suffering with Restless Legs EVERY night and getting little sleep?
I've had this going on for about 5 weeks now and its driving me insane!! Im missing precious sleep because of it but the MW says there's nothing that can be done, just have to see it through. I had the same problem with my other 2 children during pregnancy but not this bad.
Hi there, yes I suffer from this pretty badly too. Unfortunately it is something I always get, but it gets particuarly worse when I am pregnant!

I have been taking tissue salts with magnesium for a few months and have definitely found it helps. I take 2-3 tablets per day and you should be able to find them at a natropaths or health food shop.

Good luck, I feel your pain/frustration!
yeah i suffer with this bad during pregnancy. I also get it when im not pregnant and its always later in the evening. Magnesium tablets are what i took for it last time i was pregnant and yes it helped. Also i found that anti nausea medication makes it unbarable! so if you are on maxalon, stemetel or any other anti nausea pill try not taking them and see how you go. personly i much rather deal with nausea than restless legs.

Mum to 3 boys

I get it normally and then get it even worse during pregnancy. Calcium and Magnesium supplements help. I take them morning and night when pregnant. And I find a really hot shower or bath just before bed seems to help too.

Good luck. I feel for you - it's so frustrating especially when you can't get to sleep because of it.

Petal, NSW, Mini Cooper 10.3.07

yes! i been getting restless legs heaps.
my midwife said to eat bananas and milk as its caused by an imbalance of calcium and magnesium.
or u could try cramp stop. its a spray that u spray under ur tongue tastes gross but seems to wrk
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