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Labour x 3 no dilation =( Lock Rss

I am currently 37wks+5days pregnant and have been in labour 3 times so far. First was at 31+2 and I was sent to the Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital where after nearly 24hrs they managed to stop me labouring with enuf drugs to knock out a horse as I had no cervix dilation. Then I went into labour again at 34wks which they managed to stop once again with very heavy drugs because again i had no dilation. I have just been in labour again at 37+2 with no cervix dilation again and so they wanted to give me really heavy drugs to knock me out to stop it again-I told em to shove the drugs n went home n continued contracting for nearly 48hrs and am still gettin the odd contraction every few hrs now (today is monday and i went into labour fri morn about 12:30am) As my cervix won't dilate the hospital refuses to do anything to help me deliver and instead just wants to keep pumping me with very heavy very dangerous to the baby drugs and I can't understand y! I dont want our baby to be screwed up from all the drugs that have been thru our systems =(

My first daughter I went into labour at 39wks and after 2.5days of contracting with no cervix dilation they broke my waters and gave me induction drip and epidural. So it took me 72hrs to have her. I am now terrified of going into labour again because it makes me terribly sore and my cervix apparently doesnt wanna work. I don't know what to do anymore-I am obviously meant to have him becuase 3 days after the labour at 31wks my milk came in-it has since gone but has just started comin in again today after this labour on friday (and it is milk coming in not just leaking) My body keeps tryin to have this bub but the hospital wont help me.

Any ideas on what I can do to make my cervix work so i dont have to labour for days on end again with no baby at the end I am terrified of labouring again and I sooooo badly want to have this baby wat am I supposed to do??
You sound a lot like me. They stoped my son twice with all the drugs, but in my case they sent in from from hospital at 3pm and my waters broke at 9pm that night, so i had to go straight back. Maybe try all the "bring on labour" things u can think of. I know i ate Indain just b4 my waters broke. So maybe do the spicy food, long walk and some sex and see if that works. Good luck smile
I have just returned from the hospital after my 40 week appointment. They have given me leaflet with all the different induction techniques on it.

It actually states that to break your waters your cervix must be open. They will also not put you on the drip unless your cervix has started to dilate. The only option you really have at this stage is the gel which they probably wont give you at 37 weeks.

It really sucks but unless you try and ripen your cervix naturally there really isnt alot that can be done. Sex is probably your best option but probably not the most appealing if you are actually having contractions.

Maybe if you spoke to your normal doctor about it he could make some recommendations for you.

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