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31 weeks...need advice please Rss

So I'm a bit worried and looking for some advice please...I am 31 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby. I've noticed since Friday night that I am having less kicks from my baby which is unusual because she kicks alot and now usually kicks once every so often that I usually know she is okay. When she does move I hear a clicking noise coming from my belly and the movements are very short movements. I have also found my tummy is so tight that its painful all the time and I cannot eat alot. Is it possible my baby may be really big and has run out of room? Should I be going to get checked out? I never had any of these problems with my DS and my tummy didnt get really tight and sore until 37 weeks with him =(
Hi Nadine

It's probably to nothing to worry about. But it cant hurt to give your doc or local maternity ward a call and perhaps get them to check things are all going smoothly. It might just put your mind to rest. smile
Thanks Baby9 I'm thinking I might get checked out tomorrow even if its just a case of putting my mind at ease to know she is okay in there still =)
Generally movements easy towards the end of your pregnancy as things generally start to get squissy. Try not to worry as call your doctor tomorrow. Sure everything will be fine.

Hey, I'm in week 30 and i know what you mean, but I wouldn't worry, sometimes they are just sleeping. when I felt like he wasn't moving as much I used my Doppler or even the iPhone app My babys beat to check his heartbeat and I found it to be 115 bits, and I thought it was low, and the doc said he is probably sleeping.
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