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  5. anyone been told the sex of there baby

anyone been told the sex of there baby Rss

at 14 weeks and its been right?

I know of a few people who were told they were having boys at 12-13weeks, of cource they gave them a 50% chance of being correct rather than 90% chance at 20 weeks.

Ive only heard of this being done with people who are having boys, so im guessing boys parts are easier to spot early lol.

Oh and between the 4 friends that have been told all have proven to be correct smile
thanks. i was actually told girl yesterday but im not gonna base everything on that but i have 2 girls already so wont need much. but she said boys parts have dropped by now and she def couldnt c them. so i guess we'll see at 18-20 weeks

I wasn't exactly told the sex but given a photo where it was pretty darn clear that it was a boy. That scan was at 13 weeks. Then was told at 19 weeks that it was a boy and yep it was a boy! I know a couple of ladies who have been told they were having a boy at 13/14 weeks and both times were right. I haven't ever heard of someone being told they are having a girl at that age though, I think maybe it's easier to tell when they have boy bits.

Yep, I went for a scan at 13 weeks 6 days and was told it was a boy, which was correct. The tech was really confident about it - actually told me that if he wasn't a boy then there was something very wrong with the baby!

With DD, I asked at my 12 week scan and the lady 'thought' bub was a girl as she couldn't see any boy bits. At 19 week scan, was confirmed a girl and was right. smile

A friend of mine was told at her 12 week scan that all indications were she was having a girl. Then at the 20 week scan her baby girl had sprouted a penis so, ummmmm I would say NOT correct. hehe

I will tell you next week. The sonographer took a stab in the dark at my 13 week ultrasound, and I have my 20 weeker next Tuesday, so will let you know if she was right!
I wasnt told but could have been and my aunt new from 13 week scans and yes it was right, we have a little boy smile At 15weeks my cousin was told she waas having a girl and then 20 weeks they said a boy. We find out in a few weeks whether it is a girl or boy. At 20weeks they were pretty sure its a boy.
My sister's SIL was told a boy at her 14 week scan, then possibly a girl at her 20 week scan. Her baby gorl was born last month smile
Mine have been right from the 13wk scan. My first they were pretty sure a girl and confirmed at 19wks. My next 2 no mistaking they were boys!!!

At our 13 week scan the sonographer got a really good shot and they said they thought they knew what it was but didn't want to say in case they were wrong. A friend of ours who is further along and having a boy looked at the pic and she said 'oh it's a boy' at our 19 week scan it was confirmed we are having a boy definitely no doubt about it you couldn't have missed it if you tried lol. We already have 2 girls so it was a nice finish to our family but not really important to us, as long as we get a healthy baby.
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