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Hey Everyone,
Just wondering if there is any other first time mummys out there that would like to chat and share our expiriences smile

Im 20 and from tassie, me and my fiance are expecting our 1st baby boy on the 14th of April and we cant wait smile we fell pregnant on about the 4th month of trying, Im loving being pregnant,. had a few small problems like i just found out i have Gestational Diabetes sad but a healthy baby boy in the end thats all that matters!

I would love to hear from anyone interested in a good talk and then i will explain myself a bit more smile dont wana blab on if no one even reads tongue


Hey girl,

It's only early days for me but I'm so impatient it feels like every day is a decade.

I hope everything is going perfect with your little man. Don't mean to ask too much about it, but how do you develop Gest. Diabetes? I am a bit overweight and scared of everything and anything that could go wrong.


I am due at the end of April.

I think all of us worry about things going wrong!

I was a little shocked at the lack of info I have had from my doctor and hospital so far. But I am lucky my sister has has 3 babies and I have her on speed dial.

Its normal to get heaps of leg cramps and if wiggle your toes it heaps and eat a little salt the next day.

And the pains u get with the band things either side of the uterus. When this first happened I thought something was really wrong.

Watch out for bladder infections they can cause an early miscarrage. I found this out last week at the hospital after I had a few pains and went in to see if all is ok. Before I was pregs I used to drink a bit of bicarb in water to help if I got an infection.... so I guess I am back on that smile

If u get worried go to the hospital they are so helpful if u are worried about any pains smile But there is just so much that u don't know until someone tells u or u ask 4 help.
I was shocked when i was told i had Gestational Diabetes as i have none of the risk factors! im only 20, im normal weight, its my 1st baby.. they say some of the risk factors are things like family history of dibetes, having a previously big baby, being over weight, things like that, but like i said i had none and i got it, about 9% of women get it.. My pregnancy has gone pretty fast since i hit the big 12 weeks lol, i was hanging out for the big 12 weeks so i was in the safer zone then everything went fast from there smile im finding it hard to believe im nearly 29 weeks!

I had morning sickness till 11 weeks, i never threw up i just had constant nausea, so far i have had to have a tooth pulled out, had bladder and a kidney infections, i have negative blood so i have to have 3 anti D needles, i have to go on a drip as soon as i go into active labour as i have the group B strep that some pregnant women also have, and now i have the Gestational Diabetes so its been a pretty bumpy ride for my 1st time lol.. Im going to the high risk clinic at my hosiptal now and so far they havent given me much info either! but i have been round babies and pregnant friends for along time so im pretty much clued up but its always good to have the profesionals there to help! i get the leg cramps and things to, i just jump out of bed and put pressure on it and it goes, at the moment im getting aching hips and legs everymorning when i wake up, but bubs really big now so puts lots of pressure on things.. i get to have lots more scans now to moniter bubs size cause with the diabets they can get to big and if that happens they bring them on early so im a bit excited about maybe getting him at 38 weeks not 40 tongue im pretty much all ready for him, we just have to set everything up in his room smile we painted it all and have it all ready to go, just boxes everywere lol! well i will stop blabbing on lol and hope to hear from you again soon smile xx

Nice to meet you, I'm having a boy too! My name's steph and I'm 19 and expecting my first baby.
My pregnancy's been complication free apart from the fact that I still have morning sickness. I'm not throwing up as much as did earlier on but I still feel nauseas a lot. But I think it's finally starting to go away.
My sister had gestational diabetes too so the drs keep saying i'm at a higher risk for it (even though I am young and healthy weight).
anyway nice chatting!
I'm a first time mummy too! I'm 20 and bub is due on the 29th of june ! We're keeping the sex a surprise but go for our next scan next week.
We were very shocked to find out we were pregnant having only been together for a couple of months but couldn't be happier to start a family together!
Sounds like you are having a bit of a rough ride with all the infections & diabetes, but glad that bub is all well and healthy as you would be too.
I found out I have hyeractive thyroid which i don't think is too much an issue just hvae to go on some tablets after the baby is born for that.
I'm also a negative blood group type so have to get all the anti d shots too, yay more needles!!

Steph~ you poor thing to still have morning sickness sad i was counting down till the 12 weeks when my nausea would stop (to bad if it didnt stop then lol tongue) but i was lucky it went round 11 weeks! but they say morning sickness is a sign of a healthy pregnancy so guess thats one good way to look at it, altho when my friends use to say that to me, they were mainly ones who had perfectly healthy pregnancys with no morning sickness lol! dam them tongue i had no risk factors for GD like i said b4 so i was shocked when i got it! at least you can be a little prepared knowing ur sis has it gives u a higher chance.. were abouts are you from? xx

kira89~ I dont know how you have the strength to keep the sex a surprise tongue i was so excited to find out, just cause im someone who loves to be ready, so wanted to get everything in colour, so we painted his room and got all baby stuff blue so lets hope he still has that doodle when he comes out lol tongue good luck with ur scan! the 19 week scan is amazing!! they have changed so much since the early scan and there real baby like smile the best thing iv seen so far! till the day i meet him for real smile iam so glad that bubs healthy and doing well, with all im going threw i would much rather that than him have any problems, at least none of mine are to seriouse and he is still doing fine in there so i must be doing something right still smile ah the needles are going to be fun hey! i have to have my 1st one on wednesday and i have heard they hurt!! im hoping they dont lol tongue but ah well.. all for the safety of bubs smile everything that sux in pregnancy i just look at it as being one step closer to my healthy bubs at the end smile xx

Haha I was counting down to 12 weeks too but the morning sickness never stopped lol. At least it's not very bad any more. Just more annoying cos if I go a few hours without eating I feel sick.
Did you have any symptoms for your GD?
No way could I keep the sex a surprise either! I'm way too impatient! I've been buying heaps of blue stuff so hopefully they are right. I think they are cos during the scan he showed me the boy bits and they definitley looked like boy bits lol. The scan was pretty good but I have to go back for another one in a few weeks cos I had an amniotic band (which apparently has no affect on baby) and the baby had some bright spots in his abdomen. They said that might mean he has an infection or something but they did a few blood tests and I don't have anything so they said there is prob nothing wrong with him, they just wanna keep an eye on it.
I'm from sydney by the way!
[Edited on 26/01/2010]
I dont kno what i was going to do if mine didnt stop at the big 12 week lol tongue i was dead set it would haha!
nope no symptoms for th GD which is why it was even more of a shock i had it! altho now if i get to low or to high with my sugar levels i can feel it! hehe they showed us his 'dangly' to as she put it lol.. i was so worried we wouldnt find out! but he was a good boy with his legs wide open so that was great smile i keep telling everyone if his a she then she will be pretty in blue not pretty in pink like they say lol tongue but from day 1 i thought it was a boy, i was going to be shocked if they said girl! so i recon there right smile aw i hope everything is fine in ur next scan smile i have to have more now but thats only cause of the GD, they have to moniter bubs size and if he gets to big they bring him on early smile xxx

Hey Girls,

It's good to know all the weird things that are happening are happening to others too smile Like the cramps in my legs and other muscles, I didn't know if that was because of my being pregnant or because I was sleeping in bed funny. And the tight feeling in my abdomen.

6 more weeks for me until I hit the safe 12. I'm a nervous wreck. The slightest twinge and I panic. But reading about you girls helps A LOT!

Thanks all.


Hi ladies

This too is my first baby and I am 31 weeks tomorrow. I also have gestational diabetes which came as a bit of a shock. I was having to write down everything I was eating and prick my finger and test the levels 4 times a day too. It seems to be under control now as the midwife and dietician are pleased with my results so I only have to test twice a week now but still 4 times a day until he is born. It's hard eating extra healthy and resisting all of the yummy things I was eating prior to finding out and I have been going for 1/2 walks at night also which is a struggle with an ever expanding belly slowing me down. I know it is for the best so am trying really hard.

I also carry the step b bacteria and my iron levels were practically at 0 so am on iron tablets for that. I also had a high thyroid but have since found out that it is now low.... I found out all of this during my last hospital visit so you can imagine how emotional I was about it all!!

Who knew having a baby would be so hard and it seems like my body is falling to pieces but I know it will be worth it in the end smile
Newtogame- I know how you feel, I got period-like cramps throughout the whole 1st tri and beginning of the 2nd and it terrified me. But My dr told me it was normal and looks like she was right smile. Even though I still have morning sickness, the whole pregnancy got a lot easier after 12 weeks. I think part of that was emotional cos after 12 weeks I told everyone I was pregnant and then I didn't have to worry about what people were going to think.
I have to take iron supplements as well. I hate taking pills, I almost throw up every time I swallow them!
But you guys are right, all that we have to go through is worth it to get that little baby in the end!
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