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pain in bum Lock Rss

I am 33 + 5 days pregnant with my second child and have been getting lots of pain in my bum along with the occassional twinge in my pelvis.
Is this normal.
I remember the twinges in my pelvis with my first but dont remember any pain in the bum.
It sounds like it may be bubs sitting on your syadica. does the feeling sometimes shot down your leg.
i get these pains as well in my bum and my frount (sorry TMI) and sometimes they go right down my legs but only when im walking or standing

Your pain in your bum is your sciatic nerve. The condition is called sciatica. I experienced the same with my first pregnancy and I think it's starting again with my second and I'm only 11 weeks, so a long time to go!! It's absolutely awful (and not to mention painful!). My leg used to buckle underneath me and sometimes it was so bad that I couldn't drive. Unfortunetely, there's nothing you can do about it- no amount of stretching or massage helps. It goes away after baby is born though
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