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Oops we did it again Rss

Hi ladies, I have just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant and my beautiful son is only just turning 7 months!

I am finding it really hard to be excited about this new little bundle and feel just so sick. My babies will only be 15 months apart. I have so many different emotions going through my head and don't know how to feel...

If anyone has any advise for me, so I don't end up in a looney bin that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Hi there,

I have a 4 year old, an almost 3 year old, an almost 1 year old and am 16 weeks pregnant with my 5th child (eldest daughter is 12 years)My youngest will be 16 months old when baby is born, so I understand your concern! I think that having kids closer together, although may seem harder is actually not too bad, as you will probably find it tough in the first weeks, you will slowly settle into a great routine with the both of them! The benefits are that as they grow together they will have a playmate in each other, as they are close in age, my 4 year old and 3 yo are best friends and am hoping the same for my youngest and new baby too! You just need plenty of support in the early days! My only advice would be as soon as baby is born, try as best you can to continue with same routine for toddler as before, I found that the baby is the easiest part, as in the beginning they do sleep alot and do give you plenty of time to spend with older child, if older child feels things are changing, then they may change aswell, try to keep things as before!

i know EXACTLY how you feel
my 2 DDs are 16 months apart. DD2 and DS there is 20 months and between DS and this one there will be 14.5-15 months

i personally prefer having them close together although this one i was going to wait till DS was 1 due to financial situation

it is hard, in the beginning. only advice i have is routine! lol get one that fits you and your kids, and you should be fine, and like PP said the first couple weeks/months are hard while your trying to find the groove.

good luck

I don't have any advice to offer you as a mother but me and my sister are exactly 1 year and 11 days apart.
My mum said it was a huge shock for her to be pregnant so soon after having a baby but it turned out well because even though me and my sister are very different we are really good friends.
Also my mum said when my sister was born I absolutely loved her and always tried to help with the baby.
Thank you for your replies, I am feeling a little better about our new arrival. I think coping with morning sickness and a 7 month old is wearing me out... I am sure that we will be fine and we will love the new little munchie smile
i know how u 2 girl are les than 11 months apart..the eldest turns 2 in les than 2 weeks and the youngest turned 1 dec 14 and im almot 38 weeks preg now..its hard work at times but its so worth it and everything falls into time i thought im gona lose my mind but im stil alive LOL..the thing i found helped is getin kids in a routine, and seriouly it has made things soooooo much easier smile
I know exactly how you feel right now!
My boys are 14 months apart.
I was so sick with my second. I remember being sick and just crying because I had a baby to look after and I felt so sick all day and all night. I didn't enjoy my second pregnancy.

My boys love each other and are best friends and play together constantly but they also fight a lot. They always want the same toys.
Now that they are past the toddler stage it is a bit easier.

I am now pregnant with my third and last. Even though my all day sickness is worse with this one I wanted to be pregnant again so it is easier mentally to cope with.

I have just started taking Zofran tablets which help a bit. You might be able to get something to help with the nausea so you can enjoy looking after your bub.
congrats on ur pregnancy..
i had 4 kids at the age of 3yrs when my youngests were born feb in 2009..
there is 22mths between #1and #2 and 16mths between #2 and the twins#3and #4.. there was supose to b 19mths but they arrived at 29weeks..

i love having them all so close together...

My mum has six of us and most of us are less than 13months apart. I also had a girlfriend that got pregnant 3 weeks after giving birth to her second child. (Can't believe she was ready for service so soon LOL), and she does great and loves having them so close. I was hoping to have mine closer but just didn't happen, I think it's a really nice gap. Good luck.

Thank you again for all your advise and for making me feel better about this whole thing... we were hoping for our bubbas to be close in age.... but maybe not quite this close! It took us so long to get pregnant the last time we never really imagined it would happen so quickly. I have started taking Maxalon for the nausea which has helped me take care of the DS. The other thing that I didn't mention before was the fact that I have an 8 yr old step daughter that we have week on week off and I have to take her to school etc. So, that is another "routine" I have to work out!! Thanks again for all the wisdom. Good Luck with your babies smile
hi there will be 15 months between this one and ds2 the only thing i worry about is how to do little things like taking ds1 to day care and small trips to the shops because i don't think ds2 will be walking by then how do you carry both or get the pram out just for 5mins seems like a lot of hassel otherwise im looking forward to having a new born again

My kids are 14 mths 2 days apart..
Best thing I did, I always knew I wanted them close as me an my sister are 1 yr 21 days apart. You need a routine which usually just falls into place. They are going to grow up the best of friends. Good luck with your pregnancy.

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