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Morning sickness indication of babies sex Lock Rss

Hi Everyone,

I have been suffering nausea however its not severe enough to cause me to be sick. I have told a couple of friends and family members and nearly all of them have told me that I must be having a boy.

I have started quizzing friends about whether they had morning sickness and nearly all of them who were very sick had girls and the ones who weren't had boys.

I just thought this was interesting and am wondering what type of morning sickness everyone else experienced and if they ended up having a boy or a girl.
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Funny that. With my first baby, my son, i never got sick, never had any pregnancy symptoms! I had the most perfect pregnancy and labour ever. Now i'm pregnant again, 3 years later. This time i'm sick all day every day and i'm not more that a couple months along i think! Everyone keeps telling me i'm having a girl. I do hope so as i'd like a daughter as this is my very last child. Two is MORE than enough. But you know what. I wouldn't credit all them old wives tales abotu how sick you are or aren't or whatever that determines the babies sex. EVERY woman is different and EVERY pregnancy sure is different too.
i didnt get morning sickness at all with my DD but got it when pregnant with my DS's but that could have been because they are twins
Now I don't know if there is something to the theory in general, but for me as an individual, my body seems to react to the sex of the baby (could be coincidence). My three girls have all caused me morning sickness, lasting nearly all day, my son, very mild, possibly felt nauseas approx 1 hour per day for 10 weeks, now this pregnancy I am feeling just how I felt when pregnant with my son. I have a scan to determine gender in 2 weeks, so will find out then!

Well I'm sick pretty much every day from week 5/6 to 40+ weeks regardless of sex..
I have a girl and a boy, plus an unknown on the way and I've been sick with every single one of them..
This one I was really bad at around the 20 week mark to the point where my throat was bleeding from being so sick.. I think maybe my sickness with DD was slightly worse than with DS, but not by much at all.

So in my book, it's just a ficticious old wives' tale... I'm sure some women are sick with one sex but not the other, but I certainly wouldn't rely on it to determine the sex.
I have 2 girls and didn't really have any morning sickness with either of them.
I had heard the girls make you sicker theory and so when pregnant with my son thought I was having 100% a girl as I vomited daily for nine months and had the most horrific and on going morning sickness. From 4 to 16 weeks it was crippling and I was basically completely unable to function or work. From 16 weeks I still felt sick everyday for most of the day and vomited anywhere from 2-3 times a day until I delivered at 39 weeks.

When in hospital prior to my son being born all of the midwives told me I was having a boy as hardly anyone vomits for 9 months and has a girl and in my case they were right as was a boy.

I am currently pregnant with son number 2 and from weeks 8 to 16 suffered from crippling morning sickness again. The vomiting this time was worse even while on medication. I am currently 21 weeks and am vomiting once a day and have spells of feeling nauseous but it is an improvement from my first pregnancy.

My aunty was sick for 9 months with her children - 2 boys and a girl, my husbands aunty was sick for nine months but only with her boy - she has two girls and a boy and my husbands mum never felt any sickness with her two girls and a boy. I think either you are prone to getting morning sickness or you aren't and don't really think the sex matters.

my mum had 3 daughters. She didn't have any morning sickness with myself of my younger sister. My youngest sister gave her chronic morning sickness so everyone said she was having a boy but nope, she had a girl.

With DD I had no morning sickness (or any sign of being pregnant really). This time round I was queasy from early on and then started having issues with actual vomiting after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 12 weeks and started watching my blood glucose levels. I found the mornings that I was sick were mornings where my levels were fractionally lower (talking 0.2 difference between morning sickness and no morning sickness). I was told at my scan on Monday that I was expecting a boy.

hi there,
with my 2 girls i had no ms at all but with my 2 boys i had only mild ms like feeling like vomiting but not actually doing it!

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Hi, hope this helps some:

1st- severe morning sickness-hospitalized 3 times throughout for hyperemesis -Girl
2nd- basically fine right through -Boy
3rd- severe morning sickness-hospitalized several times throughout for hyperemesis -Girl
4th- severe morning sickness- sex unknown at this point... guessing another girl, however I also feel different to the other 3 pregnancies

Take Care
[Edited on 03/02/2010]

woohoo we did it!


I'm 33 weeks into my third pregnancy and have had morning sickness everyday almost with each pregnancy up to as recent as about 3 hours ago. My first was a girl, then I had a boy and I know that this one is a girl.

I wouldn't look at sickness as an indicator.

Mother to 2 + 1 soon

#1 - 3-4 days of feeling mildly unwell = a boy
#2 - 5-6 days of little more unwell. Nothing major = a girl
#3 - 5 weeks of varying degrees of awful nausea = ???

I'm not having twins, so I'll be very interested to see what we have!

Hope it all goes well.

P.S My SIL had not sickness with #1 and it was a girl, then was very sick (hospitalised) with #2, which was also a girl!
[Edited on 04/02/2010]
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