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When did you start telling people Lock Rss

that your pregnant?

With my ds we waited till 3 months to tell majority of people. I know i went straight to my best friends house and told her as soon it was confirmed at 6 weeks coz i just had to tell somebody.

Im now preggers with no.2. This is a bit of a shock to me and im so filled with worrying about everything. Im thinking about telling a few people that im close to because i feel like i need the support/advice/someone to talk to.

Its so early though & i just dont know. I wont even find out how far along i am until blood test result comes back on thursday. Im guessing 4-5 weeks.

Just curious of when others decided to tell people...

Just tell people when you feel comfortable, there is no rule on when you should tell someone! I tell certain people before others, generally as soon as I find out! but thats me!

Hi, well i'm pregnant with my first, almost 11 weeks now. As soon as the stick had a second line I rang my sisters and my mum smile Was a bit of a shock cause i was meant to go in for a laparoscopy the next day...
The reason I was hesitant to tell people was in case something happened, so my thoughts on the situation was that I told anyone that I would tell if anything did happen. (hope that makes sense)
Close friends and family, I've had 2 scans now and have been told that it is highly unlikely anything bad will happen but i'm still hestitant to tell everyone. I think thats mainly cause i'm scared to jinx it.
All the best for your blood test results and Congrats!! smile

When preg with my son I just told everyone I was soooo happy to be pregnant and just wanted to tell the world, which seems a little strange I geuss since i'ld had a misscarriage a thew weeks before.
With number one we told everyone as soon as we knew, 2nd preg we were waiting til after the 12 week scan, but miscarriage started 2 days before 12 weeks. We didn't tell our families about that even, as there was to much other stuff going on. Trying again this month and again will be keeping it quite til after the 12 week scan (but fingers crossed the next one will be successfull)

we tell parents straight away. and generally everyone else cos i cant keep it a secret!
although i dont ring everyone straight away. we ring parents but everyone else we tell when we see them.

and i find being my fourth child that i do have to tell sooner rather then later because otherwise i get asked, cos i show early.

We told close family & friends at 6 weeks which was when we had our first scan and then started telling everyone else from about 15 weeks.

I told the first person that wasnt DP of course at 15 weeks and told the last family member(who happens to be overseas currently) when i was 28 weeks. I probably would have told about 10-12 weeks but didnt know how far along i was until i had a dating scan an 11 +5. Since its our first baby I was so nervous about what everyone would say.

I have started telling a few people just because i couldnt keep quiet any longer & i know its a definate positive now & im between 5-6 weeks.

I have also told the people close to me first & i will most likely wait till the 12 week mark to blurt it all out to everyone!!!!

Im the same as soon as I found out I told the immediate family, parents,brothers and sisters. But we are going to wait till after the 12 weeks to tell the others just incase someting happens as I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy
With my first I waited until nine weeks to tell family, and everyone else we kept it a secret until after the 12 week scan.
With this pregnancy I had a dating scan at around six weeks, and seeing the heartbeat made me feel confident enough to tell family. Again we waited until after the 12 week scan to tell everyone else, besides a few close friends who I just couldn't not tell earlier!
we wanted to wait until 12 weeks after we had our NT scan but unfortunately FIL has a big mouth and told one of his cousins who lives in South Africa and they then told DH's uncle about it and his aunt blurted it out yesterday at a family gathering. so now MIL is telling the rest of the family. i am waiting until after the scan to make the big announcement to other friends though.

if you feel you need someone to talk to about your worries just choose some really close friends who you know will support you and will understand where you are coming from.

good luck with your test results!

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