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With your first baby was he/she born early, late or on time? Lock Rss

I've heard so many different things so thought i'd ask how timing wise your little one arrived. Everyone seems to think i'm going to go a little early as baby has been engaged definitely since 36 weeks and my belly has dropped heaps. Also had a few sets of false contractions over the last week and am now incredibly uncomfortable. But I have a very active little one growing in me!

My sisters daughter was born 10 days overdue and my SILs son was born 8 days overdue.

Am really interested to hear everyones feedback smile

DS was 9 days early, he wasn't at all engaged when I went into labour.

I hope 2# is more patient, I was not at all ready for DS!

My DS was 11 days overdue, induced and upon exam it was discovered that NOTHING had even begun to happen even though he was engaged there was no thinning of the cervix, dilation or anything.

Good luck

My first was 3 days late.
My second was 3 days late on dates and 5 days on scan.
Im wondering how number 3 will go!

My 1st tried to come 8weeks early which the hospital put off but at 35+3 weeks my waters broke and after 3 days of not going into labour myself they induced me so i had him at 35+6.

Ds2 was fully engaged at 32weeks! they told me he too would come early but he he come the day b4 his due date.

Good luck
According to my due date that I was given from my scan with DD she was born about 3 days early, but if you go off my period dates she was born right on her due date. She was engaged from 36 weeks as well.

Both my sisters boys were born on their due dates as well. I couldn't tell you if they were or when they engaged though. a friend of mine recently was induced with her first as he was 10 days over due. One of my sister-in-laws was induced 10 days over with her first and the other went into labour on her own and my nephew was born on his due date.

Hope bubs doesn't go over for you, I know how you feel about being incredibly uncomfortable!!
all 3 of mine were early
DD1 was 39 weeks DD2 was 38 weeks and DS was 38+6 weeks
all 3 going off dates and scans were early but each doc that delivered them said they were 40+ weeks got me confused, i stick to me dates lol
actually with DS the hosp will tell you he was born at 36+6 weeks, that week i went in and had my appt ad she said that the doc wants to push my dates back (i burst into tears lol) next day i went into labour.

anyways everyone is different
my SIL (DFs brothers fiance) bub was born on due date.
my brothers girlfriend had csect cos bub was breech so he was 2 weeks early

hi my 1st (DD1) was a wk early, DD2 - 12 days late, DS1 - 14 days late and DS2 was 5 days over the due date

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DS1 was 6 days early by dates, nearly 10 days by scan. He was well engaged by 34 weeks, so much so that some silly person thought he was breech and his bum was his head! Had a scan a week later confirming that he was as far down as he could go without actually being born. LOL

DS2 was officially 2 days over, but we had 3 dates for him. LMP had him at 20 September, 13 week scan put him at the 23 September, 20 week scan at 21 September so he came on the 22nd. hehehehehehehehehe

My dd came right on her due date!
Well I did have 3 due dates, the 11th, 12th, and 14th. She arrived on the 14th which was my lmp date and the first date I had been given.
All of my friend went two weeks over. They were all having boys.
I engaged quite early with dd but didn't really have any signs of impending labour. I never got braxtons or anything with her.

With my DD she was engaged from 36weeks with regular braxton hicks. She went 5 days over. I think they just come whenever they're ready.

#1 was 5 weeks early - spontaneous 1hr 30 min labour (2820g-6lb 3oz)
#2 was 3 days before EDD - spontaneous 7 hr labour (4460g-9lb 13oz)
#3 was 10 days before EDD - spontaneous 1hr 13min labour (4600g-10lb 2oz)
#4 was 4 days before EDD - spontaneous 50min labour (4040g - 8lb 15oz)

Currently 37w 1d pregnant with #5, and waiting....

Best of luck to you - hopefully you wont go over.
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