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Yay, im pregnant again.... please share your stories Lock Rss

Hi, just had to tell someone that my hubby and i are expecting baby number 2! I fell pregnant about 4 months ago and sadly miscarried only a week after finding out, so we are a bit reluctant to spead our good news just yet.
Just wondering if any of you have had a previous miscaraige and then are now pregnant with a healthy bub??
Im pretty optomistic that this everything will be fine with this bub but still would like some re-assurance!!

hello and a big congrats to you....

i suffered from 2 miscarriages years ago bit have since had 3 healthy bubs and am expecting no 4 in april....

wishing you the best of luck and hope this bub is a sticky one....


Hi there,

I had a early misscarriage a thew months before I fell pregnant with my son. I did have alot of problems through my pregnancy but they didn't effect my son at all and he was born happy and healthy at 38 weeks +5 days weighing 8 pound 3 ounces. I was worried too the whole way through my pregnancy that something might go wrong with him like the first and looked foward to every scan so I could see with my own eyes he was healthy. I also got a sethascope (not sure if thats spelt right) off mum so I could lissen to his heart beat it helped settle my worries and nerves alot.

Good Luck!
just wanted to say congratulations to you

Thanks everyone, we are so excited. Being very optimistic... thanks for your stories, helps to here other peoples experiances.

Hi and congratulations!

I had a m/c in Jan this year followed by an ectopic in April. I'm now 19 weeks pregnant and I just had my scan and everything looks perfect! So yes definately you can have a healthy bub after m/c! Good luck with everything!

Sarah xo

Congrats on your pg. I had a ectopic pg in Feb09 where they removed my tube and ovaries on my right side, i fell pg 4mths later(yeah 4mths) and have had a horrible pg just havent felt good all the way thru but am plsd that we are still going strong, so far anyway, I have been having alot of BH and contractions since xmas day so getting a little worried, but so far so good. My little angel girl is due on 10 March

Good luck for the rest of your pg

Hi Congrats

3 yrs ago we think I had a miscarriage at 6wks and then fell pregnant with dd straight after wards. The reason for the possible miscarriage was because I had a blood clot come away and I don't get those and there was 6wks between my due date and the scan's due date.
I have since gone on to have two healthy bubs. A girl whom is now 3 and a 21mth old boy

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

hey Congrats.....yes its hard not to stress even if you have never had a m/c. I had an ectopic pregnancy in June where they took my right tube along with our angel bubba (7 weeks gestation). We were extremely lucky to fall pregnant again so soon, in fact I never got AF after the surgery and because AF never returned I did a HPT to discover I was pregnant again.

Of course then I stress out completely whether the pregnancy was in the right place, so we had an early scan to show the yolk sac and a tiny embryo in the uterus but no heartbeat. This meant we had to wait an extremely long two weeks to have another scan to check the pregnancy was viable and lucky for us the next scan showed our little bubba with a heart beating away smile

Now I'm 25 weeks and everything seems to be going along fine. Try not to stress too much as it doesn't really help.....I truely believe that things happen for a reason and sometimes we will never know the reason but there is one. All the best for your pregnancy *sticky baby dust*

I have an ectopic pregnancy in Feb 08 with heaps of complications and a miscarriage in Dec 08 - and was starting to wonder if I could have any babies at all. Just wanted to let you know that i am only days away from giving birth to our first baby and from all scans, tests etc bubs is fine and healthy. Therefore it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy and bubs after losing an angel. Prob the only side effect I have had was terrible morning sickness until just over half way thru... We waited until 14 weeks to let anyone know about this one. Good luck and lots of sticky baby dust to you.


Hi and Congrats!!!

I too had a miscarriage in Dec last year and then again in May this year. I had given up hope until I fell pregnant again and am now 27 weeks and everything is going great...

I too waited until 13 weeks to tell anyone as I was expecting something bad to happen but this time I guess it was meant to be smile
hi and congrats on your pregnancy!!

i had a miscarriage in january this year at 7 weeks, then fell pregnant after having 1 period in between. like you i was so extremely worried that something bad was going to happen, but nothing did, and i now have a healthy 2 1/2 week old daughter smile

good luck with everything!!


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