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second baby usually bigger? Lock Rss

With having your second child, usually the 2nd baby is bigger hey? We are having a boy and already feel like its going to be a bigger baby. my first was a girl just over 3kg.


my first was 10lb 10oz. my second was 8lb 8oz.

good luck
In my case it was

#1 6lb 3oz (2820g - 5 weeks early-boy)
#2 9lb 13oz (4460g - 3days before EDD - boy)
#3 10lb 2oz (4600g- 10 days before EDD - boy)
#4 8lb 15oz (4040g - 4 days before EDD - girl)

#5 due any time in the next 5 weeks....

best of luck to you
I think a majority of people they are bigger but in general boys usually do weigh more then girls. My Son (first and only child so far) weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and I was induced with him and he was born at 38 weeks + 5 days, can you imagine if ild gone over due by 2 weeks like my midwife thought I would have if I hadn't been induced for health reasons.
My first was 8lb 8oz. (one day before EDD)
Second was 9lb 8oz! (3 days over)

Its not so much the size/weight of baby its the head size that makes a difference. LoL.

DD was 7lb 14oz and overdue by at least a week (can't remember by how much tho LOL)
DS was 7lb 15oz and he was overdue by just under a week..
my first son was 6lb 1oz
my 2nd son was 6lb 1oz
now im pregnat with number 3 & i think going to be a biggy
every pregnacys diffrent

Kind of true for me but not really if you take into account gestation. If you look at the charts for gestation number 1 was on the 97th percentile and number 2 was only on the 50th. Number 2 was also shorter than number 1 despite the 6 week and 1kg difference lol.

DD1 - 32 + 5 - 2.45kg 47.5cm
DD2 - 38 + 1 - 3.45kg 47cm
My ds (my second) weighed 20g less then his big sister!
She was 4.2kgs and he was 4.180kgs.
She was 40weeks and he was 38weeks so I guess if he stayed in longer he would have been bigger.
I am now choosing to believe that 4.2kgs is the weight my body likes my babies to be so squidgy will be the same. Yep probably kidding myself but so don't want a bigger baby!

DS1 was 7lb 7oz
DS2 was 7lb 1 oz
Still baking number 3
It was for me.

DS1 was 3.19kg (7lbs), 50cm and 34cm head so just over 25th centile for weight at 39 weeks

DS2 was a whopping 3.9kg (8lb 7oz), 55cm long and a 37cm head so just over 75th centile for weight at 40+2.

I will say though that I don't think I was considerably bigger, but reckoned he'd be long because even when he'd dropped I was still getting kicked in the ribs alot! LOL
[Edited on 16/12/2009]

My sisters first was 9lb 15oz on time and her second was 8lb 12oz also on time, both boys and she was actually bigger with her second.

A friend her first was 10lb 12oz on time, maybe a few days late I can't rememeber and her second was 9lb c-sect 10 days early. Again both boys.

My brothers and sister and I were all different weights, my eldest brother was 9lb 1oz, my sister 8lb 12oz, my other brother 8lb 7oz and then I was 9lb 1oz.

Most people I know their second has been smaller than their first. Each person and each preganncy is different though. My DD was 8lb 15oz, on time and I'm still baking number 2. I seem to be bigger than what I was with DD but I am expecting this one to be around the same weight as DD though. Won't know though I guess until she comes out! ;o)

All the best with number 2!
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