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What are you craving? Lock Rss

Me- yoghurt, 2min noodles in a cup and steak!
My gorgeous df is making me some special marinated steak for dinner tonight (he is a butcher)


Macadamia nuts, I can not get enough of them! I don't usually eat nuts.

Also I have been wanting to eat a vegemite roll everyday for lunch.

Pregnancy is such a funny thing lol

coconut!! It's really bizarre, and I can't seem to be satisfied. At the supermarket yesterday I bought macaroons, then when we got to the chocolate I almost grabbed coconut chocolate too! (I didn't, I opted for the macadamia, Whittaker's macadamia chocolate is amazing!!)

I have to have museli every morning and i also crave eggs on toast which i have most days.Better than the choc milk,cherry ripe and hot chips i craved with my first.
My thing at the moment is spearmint milk smile
Oh i can't get enough Nectarines. I've eaten about 3kgs ofnectarines in the last week.
With my first i craved potatos. Hot chips, mash, roast tatters, all smothered in gravy.

With my 1st i craved Mongolian lamb from chinese & strawberry milk, not a good combination, use to be sooo sick afterwards LOL With the current baby i have not craved anything but whole pineapples!
mine changes week to week lol
last week was patotoe pies
this week its salad rolls& hot chips but cant be oven ones got to be from maccas or hungry jacks lol bad bad! i try to go for salad roll but when baby wants hot chips just got to have it!
but not craving sweet things so thats good well yet lol
but have gone off lots of foods i usally have i went off mince till now im neally 13 weeks but i did have nasty morning sickness which didnt help
wonder what i be craving next week lol
pregnacy is a srange thing cant remember having too many cravings with my other 2.

Ice and frozen juice (like a homemade slushy) and any drink that has ice in it to make it incredible cold....pretty much anything thats frozen lol!
with my first 2 (both girls) it was fruit like watermelon rockmelon granny smiths etc juicy fruits, red meat (i usually only eat chicken) and coke
DS was diff, red meat made me sick. i had a lot a savoury craving shapes etc, and i had to have breaka choclate milk HAD to be breaka lol
this time im off red meat again and craving some cheese and bacon shapes lol

BEER! Of course i dont drink it lol but when DH has a beerI will sit there and shove my nose in it and smell it! Its crazy! Even seeing a picture of a beer makes my mouth water and I HATE beer cant stand the taste or smell but for somereason i cant stop thinking about it lol.

Food wise peanut butter on toast with a cup of tea.

anything extremely sour and tinned passionfruit pulp in a can mixed with soda water and cherry tomatoes on a sandwich with processed no name cheese lol chocolate makes me puke and soft drink eww cant drink that
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