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U-sound when 17 weeks Lock Rss

in 2 week i have to go for a U-sound and wanted to find out the sex of my baby. do you think they will be able to tell then or have to wait for a later scan? thanks

it all depends on the baby's position..with my first 2 pregnancies i couldnt find out til i was almost 2o weeks cause the baby legs were crossed but with this pregnancy i found out at 12 weeks it was a now almost 33 weeks and it stil is a boy hehe..i hope ur lil one cooperates smile go0od luk
I found out at my 19 week anatomy scan. My 12 week scan was only to check for down's syndrome.
i found out it was a girl at 18 weeks and i had a girl
o ok cool well i hope i can find out will let you all know if i find out thanks heaps for your help

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