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When did you feel your baby kicking? Lock Rss

I keep being told it's not until about 5 months that people feel their baby (for the first pregnancy anyway) then about 16 weeks for second.
I felt my baby when i was 3 months and so did everyone else! She kicked so hard my belly would move. My midwife at the time (this was my first pregnancy. My girl is now 15 months) said that it wasn't the baby. As if it was just in my head or something. She couldn't seem to comprehend a baby kicking like that at 3 months. I'm sure there are others out there who have felt their baby that early? o.o
This is my first baby and I felt little flutters around 13 weeks smile

[Edited on 05/11/2009]
with my first 2 pregnancies i started to feel movements at about 12 weeks..with this pregnancy i started feeling movements much later at around 20 weeks
Sorry, Im with your midwife on this one. Its not possible for a baby of 3 months to kick that hard, to make your tummy move.

It would of most likely been gas or something, You can feel flutters at taht stage though.

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There's no way it was gas. It was often and the same feeling kept going and getting stronger as she kicked more. It didn't make my belly move THAT much but could definitely feel it when touching my belly. Everything doesn't always have to be 'by the book' everyone is different.
sinead, i agree with u, not everything has to b by the book..just because a "book" says something doesnt mean every pregnancy wil go like a million percent sure that it wasnt gas i kept feeling at 12 weeks
I agree too, I was feeling movements around 11 weeks and by around i mean it may have been slightly earlier. And by the time I was around 17 weeks I could feel bubs move from the outside, so could my husband. It diffinitely wasn't gas because from the first flutters it never stopped my best friend was the same and we both can't understand how people can even compare it to gas, i've never had gas that feels like that and nethier had she.
I definately felt my DS kicking and fluttering at 15 weeks and he was my first also. My OB said that it is possible but very rare to feel it. I had just had an amnio and he suggested that maybe due to the loss of fluid that i'd feel it more? I thought that sounded possible lol!

So yeah like you said not everyones pregnancy goes by the book smile

T xo

Hi all,

Well i am nearly 18wks gone now and i felt my first movements at fifteen weeks. It was like everyone says popcorn popping, bubbles etc but now i can feel slightly stronger kicking movements from time to time. They almost feel like a muscle spasm but they go for a little while then stop then go again. And it's definitely kicks because it's right in the centre of my uterus. It's a weird feeling but reassures me that all is well inside.
my first baby, i remember clearly i was lying on the couch watching the midday movie (only working part time back then), it was 14 weeks on the day, my stomach rolled, like it just moved, it felt like an alien in there, I had no kicks but my belly was just like rolling around, it was weird... i am now up to baby number 8 and i cannot feel anything at all until 23 weeks, i guess theats becuase my placenta is in front for the other babies..
1st around 12 weeks
2nd around 20weeks

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

I'm 20 and a half weeks with my first and I haven't felt a thing yet, no fluttering (quickening), no bubbles or popcorn, no gassy feeling, no kicks, no rolls.. I am getting a little impatient waiting for it =( I'll sit for hours alternating between perfectly still and moving around hoping for something, but I get nothing..
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