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sex of baby Lock Rss

hey all i was just wondering if anyone knows what week it is that u can find out the sex of ur baby? im bout 15 weeks and was just wondering how much longer i would have to wait???? thanks natalie
Hey, when you go for your morphology scan (I think that's what it's called! lol) at 18-20 weeks you can ask to find out the sex..
okay cool thank you.. im just so excited.. i had a dream the other night that i was having a girl
Hopefully you'll be able to find out!
My daughter is hoping for a girl this time (me too actually!)
I have my anatomy scan tomorrow so will find out then!! Soo exciting. I will be 19 weeks and 2 days tomorrow...
Usually you can find out at the 17-22 week scan. Unless bub won't work with you. DD crossed her legs tight and wouldn't open up. DS lay there spread wide open for all to see and this time round the guy who did it couldn't decide so he got the guy in to have a look that is higher up then him and he couldn't decide either. So #3 either has a really small penis or an enlarged clit. I guess in a way I am lucky this time round because unluckily I have a low lying placenta, but that makes me lucky because I have to have another scan at about 30+ weeks so I will be asking the sex again then.

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