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when do you have mid term scan done? Lock Rss

just wondering if the time frame for the mid term scan is 17 - 22 weeks or a shorter period?thanks.
its been a while but if my memory serves me correctly, its 18-20 weeks
Yup 18 - 20 weeks and some places won't do it if your over that.
yes well i thought that but when i rang to book the lady said 17-22 weeks and i thought wow thats a big time frame,and i keep questioning it in my mind,so will ring tomorrow and hope i get someone else and get a second i dont want to miss out.
On my referral my doctor wrote between 19-20 weeks and I am booked in this friday which will make me 19 weeks and 2 days. The radiology place told me that I had to do it at 19 weeks.
I'm pretty sure here it's 18-20 weeks.

my widwife did recommend going at about 19 weeks though as its a bit more accurate so I did.
My ob told me to go at 18-20 weeks. I went at what i thought was 18 weeks and turns out my measurements were more like 17 weeks. The person doing my ultrasound asked me to come back a week later because she would be able to get clearer images of the heart vessels then.
Well just to be different my hospital does them at 19-21 weeks.
i rang yesterday and double checked (and i got another receptionist at the radiologists)and she said the time frames for basic scans are-less than 12 weeks. -12 to 17 weeks-. and 17-22 weeks she says any time between then.but maybe 19 weeks is the best week to see things clearly?i have booked in at 20 weeks 4 days going from my 12 week scan dates which will make me 21 weeks and 2 days from my last menstral cycle dates. crap, i hope this will be okay.!!
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