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12 week scan .. wow Lock Rss

Just had my 12 week scan and seems a little more real now although my mind thinks the pic we got of the bub actually is the bub, will take a bit more convincing that the bub is actually in me! Cant wait for a bump to start showing (i think i have a little one although hubby reckons it was there before - cheeky!) The scan was magic though, could see so much. No wonder im so tired all the kicking and bouncing about its doing, using up all my energy. Appetite has come back with vengence and tiredness has subsided.. been so lucky not to have any nausea. Roll on the 18/20 wk scan!! Told everyone now and all over the moon.. my gran was rather speachless when told she was going to be a greatgranny, she feels her age now!! Parents are already sorting out flights to come over,(as are hubbys!) but already stipulated that they wont be staying in the house as much as we want them there, 24/7 will be too much as we will need to get into a routine of our own.

Just hope the rest of the pregnancy is as smooth sailing as the first 13 weeks have been!!

OOOOh im so excited!! smile
Aww, very happy for you smile I know what you mean about finding it hard to comprehend that the baby isn't just on the screen. Once bub started moving, it became more real for me but I don't think I'll really grasp that it's a perfect little baby wriggling around inside until she's out! Enjoy the rest of the journey, it just gets better!

I totally agree!! I am still kind of in denial about it all hahaha. After suffering two previous miscarriages I didn't want to get my hopes us this time round. It wasn't until after my 12 week scan that I started to relax as I now had proof that indeed there was a little baby growing inside of me. I am 15 weeks now and only just announced the news to everyone earlier this week.

My name is Stacey, this is my first pregnancy. i am 10.5 weeks. go for our 12 week scan on the 23 oct. i have been suffering from nausea for about 4 weeks. Over it. but ye i think once i go for the scan it will hit and reality will kick in. I cant wait to see my baby and feel it moving.

hey ladies! congrats to you all
i go for my 12 week scan on the 3rd November ( i will be around 13 weeks then tho) i cannot wait to see it! saw the sac at 5 weeks and a flicker wot they called a heartbeat at 6 weeks but nothing since then, so will be amazing to see something that actually looks like a baby!! my partner and his mother will be attending ( bit nervous about the mother in law, shes not that happy with the situation as she is christian and my parter and i are not married but hoping she will be happy if we keep he involved)
good luck to all!!


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