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anyone suffering from pain down there..??... Lock Rss

Hi all..
Im 33 weeks pregnant and suffering from severe pain down there when getting up, sitting down and walking...? its so painful it feels like my bone is breaking... i mentioned to doc. and she said its normal.. but i dont know anyone else who suffers it..
OMG!! I have the same issue especially when getting up, I havent advised my midwife as yet, however, will definately do so on my next visit.. it would be interesting to see if anyone else has or is suffering the same thing.

Yep its normal! Hurts bad hey! It feels like your pelvis is about to snap - is that the pain?? I am getting it on and off already this time - didn't get it until 35+ weeks with the first one.... I find taking it easy and lower yourself up and down helps, a heat pack on your lower back sometimes helps too.
Yes I have it too! Hurts to lift up my legs (such as putting on my underwear!!) and to walk. I googled it and came up with pubis symphasis dysfunction. Do you think that's what you have?

hmm, i do not recall getting this with my first PG. but i agree it is not fun !! My DH thinks its funny to see me getting dressed

I have the same pain and my OB told me the only cure is giving birth. Just another of the joys of pregnancy I suppose.
I get it aswell and don't remember having it during my last pregnancy. Perhaps could be the position of the baby?
Hey there is it kinda like in your pelvis/hip etc??
I went to the dr and told him that i have it and he said it's round ligament pain. It is caused by stretching of the round ligaments attached to the uterus.
Typically in the non-pregnant state the uterus is about the size of an apple or pear. There are thick ligaments which hold the uterus in place in the abdomen, referred to as round ligaments.
During pregnancy, your uterus will expand in size and weight, and the ligaments supporting it will have to stretch, becoming longer and thinner. As these ligaments pull and tug they may irritate nearby nerve fibers, which causes pain. The severity of the pain in some cases can seem extreme.
# Ligament spasms or contractions/cramps that trigger a sharp pain typically on the right side of the abdomen.
# Pain upon waking or suddenly rolling over in your sleep.
# Pain in the abdomen that is sharp brought on by exercise or other vigorous activity.

yep yep i dont think im the only one with the pain... thank goodness.. it just hurts so much and i didnt get any of it with my 1st pregnancy...
thanks guys for all the replies.. and good luck ^^
Yeah DR said that he rarely has anyone in with round ligament pain in their 1st pregnancy and the ligaments are much tighter 1st time round.. It just gets worse with consecutive pregnancies.

Ahhh girls, I know exactly what you mean. I am in huge amounts of pain on movement of my legs, hips.
I am going to talk with the Ob on Tuesday about it. I cant put my undies on - i have to sit on the edge of the bed, put the undies on the floor in front of me and put my feet in, then pull them up. I struggle to walk, I cant use our stairs, I have to stay on one level. I am having enormous trouble getting in and out of the car, or up from a sitting position.
I have had pain in other pregnancies, but nothing like this, I swear my pelvis is going to rip into shreds from the centre. I wait for my pelvis to give way completely and find myself on a screaming heap on the floor.
I have heard that pregnancy girdle/cradle's can help - I am going to be discussing that with the OB as well.

Hi there. I can so sympathise with you, and I understand what your going through.

First of all there is a small amount of discomfort during pregnancy and most dr's will brush it off saying "it's normal" but......

The pain you are describing sound like Symphisis Pubis Dysfunction, or S.P.D.

S.P.D is a really bad pain in the groin area, affecting walking, sitting, getting up, any leg movements, rolling in bed, ect.

Everybody has a small amount of hormone called "relaxin" in our bodies, and during pregnancy we create large amounts of this hormone "Relaxin" to allow our poor bodies to stretch, enlarge,ect. But some women produce too much relaxin besically causing the pelvis to move and the little symphisis bone to 'grate' upon itself.

Unfortunately the only treatment is delivery of bub, however consult your dr about it. There are options to help with the pain - physiotherapy, pain killers, and a pelvic support girdle. (trust me combine all the above and you do get a bit of relief!)

(I'm 23 weeks preg with #2 and had S.P.D so badly it hospitalised me with DD, and I've cop'd it again with this pregnancy. So yeh I so sympathise with you.)

Anyway good luck with it all, hope this helps
Please ask about it,

M xxx

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