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Pregnant with no.2, when did you tell people Lock Rss

Hi ladies, i'm pregnant with no.2 and am about 8 weeks along. I feel huge and was wondering when did you start to tell people you were pregnant with your second. I don't think i'll be able to hide it for much longer!
I told people at 12 weeks, but i was lucky and was still overweight from my last pregnancy so people weren't noticting till about 8 weeks ago. LOL, or weren't sure enough to comment on it.

we told everyone afetr we had the trns nuchal scan which was about 13 weeks.

I feel the same way zanymum and I'm only about 5 weeks along! I've been very bloated since the week before AF was due and I feel like I look at least 3 months pregnant already. We'd like to wait until 12 weeks to tell everyone but I'm guessing it will probably be a few weeks earlier if everything goes well.

Unfortunately we didn't get to keep ours a secret for long....from about 9 weeks my belly gave it way. When I did start telling people, they said "that was the worst keep secret ever!" Even my boss knew before I told him!

Good luck with keeping yours a secret smile
I told everybody straight away- If I do/did lose the baby I would have told them about the loss,
I would need the surport! Lol
If you would tell your family about a m/c why not tell them your good news?
Well that's what I think anyway!!

I am 14 weeks today and actually only told one of my closest friends today and my parents and family the weekend just gone. I have had 2 previous miscarriages so just wanted to make sure everything was fine first. Just a personal thing but depends on you personally.
Thanks everyone for your responses. My ob/gyn doesn't see you until you hit 10 weeks so i'm hoping to wait til then before telling everyone.
We were waiting until after the nuchal translucency scan to tell everyone, because we had high chance of downs with DS and had amnio. So with #2, wanted to have had the scan before saying anything, the scan was booked for the Thursday (12wks 3days), started to miscarry on the Saturday, so was glad we hadn't told everyone, because the M/C was not something I felt I wanted to talk about.

Ours was a bit all over the place, I told everyone on Huggies the day I found out and my mum's group at 6 or 7 weeks. We then went on to tell DF's family at 11 weeks as SIL had just told us she was pregnant a few weeks earlier and we wanted to share our news. Around that time my aunt passed away so I held off telling my parents until 16 almost 17 weeks and let them tell the rest of the family. I still have so called friends who do not know i'm pregnant and i'm 29 weeks lol.
My work is fairly high risk so I told work at about 8 weeks, then everyone knew!

With number 2 we have told 2 close friends and our parents/family at about 6-7 weeks and then by 10-11 weeks everyone else knew. People were starting to find out from big mouths and also i was starting to show and i have terrible morning sickness so it's hard to hide lol.

With our first DS i didn't tell my family or most friends till way later...(they all knew already though) My grandad died when i was 10 weeks along so it was hard travelling up north to the funeral at 12 weeks...trying to hide my bump and the symptoms and feeling like i couldn't announce at a time like that... So it was great this time to have support and not feeling like i have to hide.

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