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Babys Position? Lock Rss

Hey ladies

I am now approaching the 33 week mark, and for the last 3-4 weeks this little bub has settled on my right side. I have a bulge where it's butt and back are out to the right, and feel a lot of arm movements down low on the left side, and kicks all over the top half.

Had Obs appt yesterday and she said that bubs is definately head down and to the right as I suspected and we had a look on her portable ultrasound machine.. Very cool!!

This bub has it's head to the side sort of peering out towards my tummy which is indicating I may be in for another posterior bubba, think we will cross that bridge down the track!!!!

Anyway, my question; what are other peoples bubs doing? Are they still changing around, have they settled into one comfy position?? Do you think they still change around this late in the pregnancy? And lastly, do you think that it's possible to 'budge' the baby after it looks as though it's 'comfy'??

Just interested in other peoples opinions and even past pregnanies?

TIA smile

i am in the same boat as you, at my 32 week appt i asked what position she was in cos i can feel her everywhere and pressure on my pelvis. i was told she is head down but not engaged and on my right..aaarrgh at 34.5 weeks she is still in the same position no matter what i do. i so desperatly want her to move as my first was posterior and dread another birth like it. my first labor was 33 hours start to finish, 2nd was 7hours and i want this one to be shorter but somehow don't think it's going to be like that..

i have been sleeping on my left side, crawling on my hands and knees, on the fit ball...what else can i do???

I had a posterior labour with DS2 so I was took great interest in which position DD was lying. Until week 33 she was actually breech, I spent hours on the floor with my bum in the air trying to turn her, and finally she got head down. From that time on, she regularly (and I mean each day) turned from LOA to ROA. I had a dr appt the day before she was born, at which she was lying LOA, and when I had an internal during labour she was lying ROA, so they can shft and change quite regularly up until the very last moment. If bub is lying posterior you can try rocking on all fours, or draping yourself over a fitball on your knees, or just bouncing lightly on it. Hopefully your bub moves around for you!
My baby has been sitting on my right hand side the whole pregnancy!!!!! I'm sooooo over it! I have this big fat bum stuck under my ribs and my belly is completely lop-sided which provides loads of amusement for everyone else bar me! Can't wait til next week when I deliver... so looking forward to sleeping on my stomach again!

BTW my daughter was positioned in exactly the same way except she was feet first and no matter what moves I performed (under the instruction of a pre-natal yoga teacher) she was quite happy staying there until delivery!

Mine's like yours but on my left, she's been like that for a long time and she doesn't move much just sticks her legs out of my right side all the time. I don't know which way she is looking though, might ask at my scan next week.
I too am interested in babys positioning.

My DS was a c/s because he was breech. Im aiming for a VBAC this time around and at this stage bub is head down lying on my left hand side. Im hoping upon hope that it stays that way!

My midwife has just told me to spend as much time as I can leaning forward with my legs open (sitting like a farmer as she puts it LOL) swimming, lying over a fitball or on all fours.

She has also told me that bubs can move at any stage, but usually they only get concerned about bad positioning at around 36 weeks.

Im much more tuned into this little ones movements and most of them are felt on my right hand side (where is arms and legs are). When I feel movement on my left I start to panic thinking that its turned itself around LOL!

I guess all we can do it crawl around on the floor, sit like a farmer and hope for the best!

Good luck ladies!!

Well, I'm a bit worried, but I am only 28 weeks.
My baby is lying transverse with her head on my left side, legs on the right and facing downwards, spine upward. She's been lying this way pretty much since I've felt her moving about. I think she rolls around on her side to face upward and then downward, but still lies transverse.

I have no idea how to move her to be up and down so she'll get used to that position. I'll talk to the Ob when I see him next week.


I am 34 weeks pregnant and my bub has pretty much been lying head down since my 12 weeks scan. She does however rotate LOA and ROA quite regularly ( usually few times per day). She is very active and kicks quite hard into my right ribs.

I went to the midwife yesterday and she says that bub has started moving into my pelvis 1/5. Does anyone have any idea what this means?
Hey there!

Don't stress! Lots of time for bubs to move! My first bubs was breech until 35 weeks, my cousins was breech until 39 weeks. I am currently 34 weeks. Bubs was breech last week, turned, was head down body on the left side, then transverse for a couple of days and then popped back into the correct position in time for my next midwife appt. They do lots of moving around!

To nor27, 1/5 is basically how far down in the pelvis your bubs is. I found this which explains it quite well.

The engagement or 'station' is usually measured in '5ths' and is based on the fact that the width of an adult hand is about the size of a term baby's head. When recording engagement on your pregnancy records, usually the amount of the baby's head that is felt by the caregiver's hand is measured and written down, providing a guide as to how much of the baby's head is engaged in the pelvis. As a guide:

"If 5 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as 5/5 palpable or 'unengaged'.
If 4 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '4/5' palpable or 1/5 engaged.
If 3 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '3/5' palpable or 2/5 engaged.
If 2 finger widths of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '2/5' palpable or 3/5 engaged.
If 1 finger width of your baby's head is felt, it is written as '1/5' palpable or 4/5 engaged.
If your baby's head cannot be felt it is written as 'fully engaged' or 'not palpable'.

Most babies become 2 to 3 fifths engaged (or 2 to 3 fifths palpable) before labour commences, only becoming fully engaged during labour. If your baby is very active they may move 'in and out' of different levels of engagement during the last few weeks of the pregnancy, especially if this is not your first baby."
I think my baby slips in and out of engagement regularly.
She was LOA until about 1-2 weeks ago and she switched to ROA and I'm upset about that because DD was posterior, natural birth and DS was emergency c section due to position!
I think maybe all those ideas about leaning forward sound good as well as when you lie down lie on your left hand side as much as possible, one theory is that the heaviest part of bub will gravitate to the side you are lying on....worth a try smile

My DD has been head down and tucked to the right side since about 18weeks. which is kinda cool cause i can lay on my left side at night to sleep and use a pillow to support her weight smile
But the lopsided belly does get some funny looks. reason we are having trouble keeping an eye on her heart condition is cause she has been head down and curled for so long never changes position, to look at her heart we are trying to look through her shoulders and arms first - she crosses her arms..- showing her girly attitude already..

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