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Pregnant with Twins. Rss

Hi everyone, I'm 8 weeks pregnant with twins, which make it my 3rd and 4th child. I'm posting this question out there just to find out more from ladies who've had experience (whether personal or from friends/relatives). Just general things like, does a twin pregnancy always result in a c-sect? How did you know you were carrying more than 1 without an ultrasound? (Increased M/S, extreme fatigue etc). And any advice you gals could give that could help me out will be much appreciated!

Look forward to reading your replies.

Jess. xx
I've had twins.. except for the obvious size difference as time went on that was the only difference. Never had any morning sickness.
I don't think it has to end in a C sec depending on position and health of bubs and yourself, even though i had a C sec.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I am 30 weeks pregnant with twins. I have a 14 1/2 month old little boy already.

I had no idea i was carrying twins untill i went for a dating scan, and that is when i found out. I do know that my HCG levels were high, but they were with my son as well so i didn't think anything of it.

I didn't get morning sickness but i did with my son.

I do think being pregnant with twins is alot different to being pregnant with one.
I have had thrush since the day i conceived and can't get rid of it, i also have carpul tunnel syndrome in my right wrist and am starting to get it in my left.

I am also alot more tired this time around, however it could just be because i am running around after my little boy and working 2 days a week and keeping the house clean etc!!!

I have been told that if my lead twin is head down and is the larger twin that i can have a natural birth even if the other one is breech, but if the lead twin is breech or not the bigger twin i have been told i willl be having a c-section.

I have been told that i will be getting induced at 38 weeks if i haven't gone natural before hand.

Oh and also you have alot more ultrasounds ( i had one a 7 weeks, 12 weeks, 19 weeks, 24 weeks, 28 weeks and am having one this week at 30 weeks)
I have had appt's at the hospital every 2 weeks since i was 12 weeks pregnant.

I enjoyed being pregnant with my son a whole lot more then this time around. But i suppose what can i expect when there is 2 in there. Things have to be different smile

Oh yeah i have measured 5 weeks bigger at every appt and am now measuring 7 weeks bigger ! I am the same size now as when i delivered my 1st child smile

Thats where i differ from Alana.. LOL.. I much more enjoyed being pregnant with the twins than this time round.. but i guess thats because it was my 1st pregnancy whereas it's her 2nd pregnancy. Being pregnant with even 1 now and having 2 toddlers to run around after is making it so much harder than last time even though i was ginormous.

Hi Jess, congrats on your pregnancy. Well I have twin boys who will be 4 months next week, here is a few things that I found with my pregnancy. I had real bad morning sickness for about 4 weeks which was worst at night. I finished work at abnout 5 months due to the fact that I was on my feet all day and had no energy what so ever and the worst part to be completely honest is that by the last 2 months of it I was so tired because I couldn't get any sleep what so ever no matter how I tried. You do get a lot of scans done and a lot of blood work done so be prepared to be a pin cushion lol!! Also a word of warning be prepared for people staring at you bby the end of it cos you will be so big!!
Labour wise, I ended up been enduced at 38w and had both vag. with the aid of epidural even tho twin 2 was transverse so not all end up c-section.
The boys were my first so I can't compare to having a single baby but if you would like any more info please feel free to ask.
best wishes for you through out your pregnancy
Dee smile
Hi Jess

Congratulations on your twin pregnancy.

I too am pregnant with twins. Due 7/4/10. I have had a couple of scares with bleeding but scans have all been good and babies heartbeats been strong so that has been re assuring. I am suffereing from MS all day luckily only the quesy feeling not having to live in the toilet. I find that I am very tired by the end of the day and noticed I have to get up at least 2 - 3 times a night so probably why I am so tired throughout the day.

Hope your pregnancy goes well.


Thank you to all you lovely ladies for replying to me.

I've had terrible MS just at random times needing to run to the bathroom, and toilet hug for hours, I have no energy at all, and I'm already starting to show, which I read online is fairly common in multiple pregnancies.

I feel really bad as I don't have the energy to get up and play with my 2 year old DS or sit in comfort and have a chat to my 4 month old DD. Hopefully MS will drop off soon and I can start enjoying this pregnancy, DH and I think we're having boys, and I know they are fraturnal twins as they aren't in the same sac.

Yay for double the amount of scans though. I am quite nervous about how my pregnancy will progress as I have PCOS and a subcepte uterus. I can carry 1 baby to have a live healthy birth, but two bubs in there? Not so confident. Going back to the doctors on Thursday to book my 12w scan and get bloods done.

I do have a question, did anyone have bouts of dizzyness/fainting? Or any trouble with high BP? I ask because when I cough (I have asthma)I see black dots before my eyes, not sure if that is normal or I think I should bring it up with my doctor.

Anyways off to bed for me lol.

Night gals.

Jess. x
I got dizzy a lot when i was pregnant with the twins, but it didn't really start till about 12 weeks.. I didn't have high BP or anything though. It wouldn't hurt to bring it up with your dr to see what he says.. I couldn't lay on my back etc as i would start to pass out.
I found the 2nd trimester the best bit out of all 3 trimesters.
I was also in maternity pants at 8 weeks as i was showing.. this time round i was able to wear normal clothes till 18 weeks! LOL.. huge difference.
Are you going to find out what your having? How lovely they are fraternal at least your not as high risk as identical.

Hi jess,

I have twins due on the 9/2/2010 and i have copped the lot. I have had morning sickness from the very start, i have high blood pressure and everything aches. I started showing at 11 weeks and now i am not just showing, i am showing off. I keep getting asked have i only got a couple of weeks to go, if only.

I have 2 children already and we just had to buy a new car and we have to buy a bigger house.

I have the dizzyness too but you should always tell you doctor about anything, no matter how small it seems. Just to be on the safe side.

Hope all goes well at your scan

Cheers Krystal

i had g/b twins in feb.. they were born at 29weeks.. for no medical reason.. they just wanted out.. i was measuring 42-43cm the day they were born.. they were both head down so i have the vaginally..
i got the spots too.. and mine was nothing.. i also was heaps sensative to light and sun light.. even the smallest amount of light... i had to wear sunnies all the time.. even to just hang the
when the twins were born i had a 3yr old and a 16mth old also..
its the best having twins..
good luck

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