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is this normal? Lock Rss

Hi ladies. I'm 18 weeks pregnant with #2 and just wondering if anyone else is suffering/suffered like I am.

I am so breathless - just a walk to the letter box has me gasping - (never got breathless with DD, adn I'm not unfit or overweight as I'm 55kg now and could walk 4 miles weeks ago)

And a bad pain on the lower back that shoots down my right leg making it go numb, and occationally leg gives way. Are these normal pregnancy symptoms or am I just being a sooky la la?? (just thought I'd ask cause dr's appointment not for another week and a half and I'm going nuts) LOL

Hope you all don't think I'm being a sook but I had a cruizy pregnancy with DD and all this 'crap' is new to me.

thankyou in advance to anyone that replies to this,

M xx
Hi M,

You're not being a sook at all!

I read an article (on only just yesterday on back pain in pregnancy as i've been having really bad pain, your symptoms are similar to what is described as Sciatica.

A certain amount of breathlessness is normal in pregnancy. I sometimes get breathless and dizzy when i'm having a long chat on the phone!! I'm 17 weeks

It may be worth seeing your GP to discuss your concerns, thats what they're there for, will give you reassurance if nothing else but in particular it may be a good idea for your back pain.

Good luck smile
Hi there,

Yup I had this in my pregnancy it's bubs sitting on your Sciatica nerve. You'll probably find in early labour you'll get contractions down your leg from it too like I did.

It is normal to become short in breath in pregnancy especially if your carrying high or bumps quite large but since your only 18 weeks and getting it already might just pay to get your GP or midwife to order a iron blood test just to be sure its not your iron levels causing this.
Did you have bad morning sickness?

Nothing I would be too worried about yet though, it's all pretty normal from what I can gather.
Thanks for the replies. In response to the last post I had huge problems with morning sickness. Hospitalized twice due to severe vomiting, 5 kg weight loss, dr's checkups twice a week, blah blah. Morning sickness only started to subside about 2 weeks ago.

And my baby bump is very low and looks like a basketball sticking out - that's why I got worried with the breathless thing cause bub is so low.

Now that i know it's all good I will just be patient and ask dr about this in a week n' half.

Cheers for reply,
M xx


Your back pain does def sound like sciatica. I would be going to see a chiro or physio (whichever you prefer) to try and find some relief!!!

Your breathlessness sounds a little more serious. It IS normal to experience some breathlessness, but what your describing sounds pretty severe. It might be worth getting yourself checked out sooner rather than later! Wouldn't it be better to get the all-clear now, rather than waiting and finding out there IS something wrong???
I mention this, because a lady on another forum shared her very recent experience with breathlessness. She also had increased heart rate too. She ended up having to spend a few days in hospital, because she had a blood clot!!!!
Probably youhave nothing to worry about, but it's always best to be on the safe side, Don't you think???



I am the lady that Kate mentioned in the post above and speaking from experience, I don't want to panic you, but I would definately NOT wait a week and a half to see your doctor.

I get sciatica all the time so I didn't worry about any leg pain etc that I got. I too am carrying low.

I starting getting very breathless too, something as simple as getting up to go the toilet was a task in itself. I would get very breathless and could feel my heart rate was up. I put it all down to pregnancy until I was in the shop one day having a breathlessness episode. I went to the chemist, they took my blood pressure etc. Blood pressure was low, but pulse rate was high, I also had mild chest pain (which I had put down to asthma being an asthmatic) anyway to cut a long story short, sent me to a medical centre who sent me to the hospital.

Days later after my heart was checked out and given the all clear, I am being treated for a blood clot in the lung. I sometimes wonder whether I might have put the pain in my leg down to being sciatica when really it may have been a blood clot. As I said, I don't want to panic you and this is my experience, however I do believe it is worth you getting it checked out sooner rather than later. I was not getting mine checked out as I had put the pain, etc down to pregnancy, but really glad I did and have now been symptom free for one week and been able to breath again.

Sorry about the long post, feel free to PM me if you wish and please get it checked up on.

I'll put my 5 cents worth in, from about 16 weeks I had been very VERY breathless for weeks and weeks, and was being treated for asthma which was not helping, then I started to cough and cough....spoke to my Ob and she referred me to a High risk doctor who listened to me for 5 mins and said I was asperating, basically I had SILENT reflux and it was putting stomach fluid into my lungs...

Get them to check your lungs and heart I had my all checked out and its all fine, ironically I dont even HAVE asthma!!! I have been on the meds ever since and been SOOO much better....I never got the acid taste, never had reflux before I was pregnant..

Good luck xoxoxox

[Edited on 06/09/2009]

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