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What are the best ultrasounds for partners to go to? Rss

I don't expect my partner to have time off every time i have to go for a scan/drs appt. So i was just wondering what scans are the best to go to? I know they will all be great smile But more just the ones that will show arms and legs and facial features.

He came to my 6 weeks scan, which showed pretty much just the heart beat (which was still exciting).

But does anyone know which are the best to go to, please help me. I was thinking maybe 16 ro 20 weeks scan would be good?

My husband came to the 12week scan and the 34 week scan with DD, he is not sure what he will be able to come to for this baby

If your pregnancy is straightforward then you will most likely only have your 12 week scan (IF you elect to have that one as its optional) and the 20 week scan which is the meausurement one (and the one you can possibly find out the sex if you want to).

The 12 week one is good cos thats the first time you see your baby fully formed. But the 20 week one is good too, I think I prefer that one just cos you can maybe find out the sex LOL.

Towards the end of my last pregnancy I had to have scans every single week and ended up too many for DH to keep coming to but he got to see quite a few which was cool.

the 20week scan! they check everything and so it usually is the longest. my partner couldnt come to the 12wk scan but he came to the 20week scan and absolutely loved it! he was full of questions i had to tell him to shut up so the lady could concentrate on all her measurements hehe

Like the PP said, the 12 week (if you elect to have it) and the 20 week may well be the only ones you have and they are both great for your partner to go to, so he can see how much bub has grown and all the important bits and possibly find out sex if you choose to etc. With both pregnancies, I've been able to get the 20 week scan on DVD which was great this time around as DH wasn't able to make it due to work committments.

My obs does a quick US at every visit, but my DH has only been able to get to a few appointments this time round. The doc really just does it to check position and heart rate etc.

20weeks!!! lol if you both want to find out the sex... other wise the 12/13 week one is also amazing!!!
My dp is going to hopefully going to them all!!

well you usually have a 12 week and a 18-20week scan which are both exciting and I would recomend both. At the 12 week scan you usually see all of bubs and they do a check to see theres nothing wrong. At the 18-20 week bubs is alot bigger so you only realy see him/her in parts but you do get to see the sex and find it out if you choose to which I think is also a very special thing. My partner went to all my scans and he thanks me now for making him go.
my DH has been to ALL scans so far, even the 5 week scan
when I was spotting, and all we saw was a sac!

He doesnt come to the doc appointments, my mum comes with me.. but his job is pretty good where he can work from home...

we havent found out the sex so its all a guessing game until bubby arrives LOL

WooHoo your pregnant!!!

How exciting.

I've only had the 20 wk scan with my 3 pregnancies. My husband has come to all 3.

I'd probably want him at the 1st (if I was having more than one). Especially if it's your first baby together. Makes it more real to be able to sahre that first special moment together.


I'd be saying definitely the 20 week scan as u can see so much more.. but all the ultrasounds are important.. in a normal pregnancy u only get 2 scans anyway, so its not too much to ask for those times off work..

My DF came to every appointment and every ultrasound with DD, this time he is coming only to the ultrasounds, and they are being booked in the afternoon so he can still go to work but just finish early... we've already had 2 ultrasounds and have another next wednesday, then will go from there.. (due to m/cs)..

Maybe your hubby could speak to his work and find out a time that would suit them for him to go to the ultrasounds then u can book around that???
Thanks so much to everyone for replying. My hubby can't make it to every one, due to working a 5 hour drive away. Which means he would have to pretty much take off 2 days just to go to a scan.

I get a scan once a month with my doctor. So thats kind of a lot of time off work he would have to have.

But he is going to make it to my 12 weeks on next week smile

Thanks again

With the twins he came to every dr's appointment and scan which was once a month.. mainly because it was twins and i had no idea what i was dealing with.. i was terrified. LOL.. This time round though i've been to all the dr's appointments alone and i went to the 8 weeks scan on my own but he came to the 20 wk scan. He'll probably come to some appointments further down the track like 35 weeks+.
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