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Hi ladies,

I have a question I would like to ask, I went for my 12 week scan just over a week ago and the lady got a really good pic of the baby laying on its back with its legs spread in the air looking at its bits. I was just wondering if you can tell what they will be at that stage. I have 2 boys and with my 2nd I could see his bits at 12 weeks I would really like a girl this time but not sure what I am meant to look for if you can even tell at this stage. To me it looks like a little m between its legs. Any feed back on this would be good thanx smile
[Edited on 24/08/2009]
[Edited on 24/08/2009]

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I'm sure that if you could see a bit of a willy at twelve weeks with your boys, and you saw an 'm' this time, I'd be inclined to think you were having a girl!
I think girl bits are often described as looking like a hamburger!! LOL (which would kinda look like an 'm', don't you think?)

Based on what I've just said, don't go out and buy everything you see in pink!! At least wait til your 18-20 week scan!

Good luck anyhoo!
When I was preg with DD, the person that did my ultrasound pointed out her girl bits as 3 little parallel lines. Had she not pointed them out I would never have known what I was looking at. However it looked completely different to the very obvious little boy bits #2 has.
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