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pregnancy and the pill Lock Rss

Has anyone ever fallen pregnant and been on the pill?
ive never been on the pill myself but i know HEAPS of ladies that got pregnant on the pill, my mum did, my sister in law did, couple of my friends have so yeah lots

my doctor has told me you cannot fall pregnant on the pill. I told her tell that to the twins i now have inside my uterus. My partner and i had decided not to have any more children and i found out three weeks ago that i am pregnant with twins.

WOW stressed mum twins! I have four boys and am on the pill. AF is due next friday but on tuesday of this week i had cm with blood streaks in it so am alittle worried as i have never bled unless ive had af. I also felt crampy. I have a doc appoitment on monday so will see.
a friend of mine fell pregnant when she forgot to take the pill 4 days AFTER her and her hubby had sex.. TMI I know sorry LOL
But she was happy with her 3 girls and ended up with the boy she wanted.. so.. who knows.. me on the other hand was on the pill for a short time and didnt ovulate for 3 months. Depends on how fertile you are and your bodies response to the pill..

Good luck smile

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