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Same Sex or Pigeon Pair? Rss

i've heard the same thing that these days its very hard to get that pigeon pair.. but hopefully looking at the history we might be lucky..

Dad is the eldest of B,B,B,B,G
Mum is youngest of 2 girls
I come from G,B,B,G (me being the youngest)
DF comes from G,B,B (him being youngest)

df sister had 3 girls, none of my siblings have had kids..

we have 1 beautiful girl atm, and no idea what this next 1 is yet (although im kinda thinking it might be a boy as it feels different to when i was pregnant with DD)
[Edited on 13/08/2009]
i find this interesting too.

me personally i have the pidgeon pair, however i have a couple of interesting stories - as always.... lol

my older adopted brother has 2 girls to different mothers.
my older sister has 2 boys (not adopted)
none of my other siblings have children yet - a couple are cooking - no gender revealed as yet.

my parents had 4 girls, they divorced & married other partners.

my mother then went on with her new husband to have 3 boys!
my father then went on with his new wife to have girl, boy, girl, boy. so clearly 2 of each!

then of course there are the step children, but it is getting all a little confusing.
I'm pretty sure that I have heard you need to look at the FATHER'S side to determine if you are more likely to get one sex or the other as they apparently have all the input as they have x and y sperm and we only have x eggs. Not sure that's not one of those urban myths though. LOL

I have one sister, my DP has one brother and together we have two sons. My mother has a sister and 2 brothers (2 of them are half siblings) and though my father was adopted he has a twin sister. There are like THREE girls on DPs side of the family in about 6 generations so I ain't holding out much hope for a girl if I can convince him to have another. Then again, already outnumbered anyway so I don't care either way. LOL We were all convinced DS2 was a girl, but alas he wasn't which is okay. smile]

Hey, that's intersting!

I have 2 boys, BIL and his wife have 2 girls... one of my uncles has 2 girls and the other has 2 boys...

My mum and dad had a girl first (me) then a boy, then another girl, mum's twin sister had the same.
My mum had my brother, my sister then me. My brother has 2 girls my sister 1 of each & me 1 girl with another girl due in 6wks time.
My hubby is one of 4, 3 boys & a girl - one brother & the sister have had pigeon pairs.
Interesting to read stats on this, I have 4 close friends - 1 has 2 boys & she is one of 3 girls, 1 has a pigeon pair she has 1 brother & 1 sister & the other 2 girls & she is 1 of 2 girls.
My friend with the 2 boys would love a 3rd but the chances of having a 3rd boy are so high & the boys are so full on & active, she was the one who we all thougth would have girls & dress them like princesses & have all the girls toys etc its funny how it has turned out.

Kristy, QLD, 4yr old Olivia & 4mth old Charlotte

This is interesting... My DH and I always debate about whether we are having a boy or girl. He thinks girl because both our parents had girls first. But then I point out that we mc last pg and that could have been the girl if his theory is right.
I am really hoping for one of each as DH is adament that we are only having two and then he is getting snipped! sad

my mum had; girl, girl, boy, boy
his mum had; girl, boy, boy
my sister had; girl, boy (she is just that lucky, lol)

We are finding out the sex of this one, but I wont for the second, I'm scared I will be disappointed if it is not what I was hoping for, and of course by the time the beautiful bub is here it really wont matter either way.
[Edited on 13/08/2009]

This is so interesting.

My Mum and Dad had: Girl, Girl, Girl.
Then Divorced my Mum had: boy.
and my Dad went on to have: boy, boy.

I have 2 boys and think number 3 might be a girl.(FX) because this is going to be our last bub.

My Sister had: Girl, Girl, Boy.

MIL: boy, boy.

It does all appear to be random. I have read that if you have 2 of the same gender you are 75% more likely to have the same again in a 3rd pregnancy.

Girls are SO dominant in our family.

My Dad was one of 5 and the ONLY boy.
My Mum was one of 2 - girl and boy.

They had 4 girls.

I have had two girls.

DH has a brother.

I have one of each.
I have a sister and a brother.
DH comes from a family with 3 boys and his dad is one of 3 boys as well.
DH's aunt has 5boys and one girl.
My godfather has 5 girls.
In my mums group 2 of us have a pigeon pair and the other 2 have 2 boys (4 others only have one child so far).
In my friends mums group 6 out of 8 have 2 girls, one has 2 boys and the other has one of each.

Posted by: Jamesmum2003
I'm pretty sure that I have heard you need to look at the FATHER'S side to determine if you are more likely to get one sex or the other as they apparently have all the input as they have x and y sperm and we only have x eggs. Not sure that's not one of those urban myths though. LOL

i have heard that too and have also heard that some womens bodies kill off either the x or y sperm ie if their body kills off the x sperm they will only have boys and vice versa. apprently its something to do with how acidic their body is??
Hi there,

Interesting topic!

My mum had boy, girl, girl.

DH's mum had boy, girl

And we have two DD' far.

Most of my friends have same sex pairs, with only two having had a pigeon pair.

I have a pigeon pair.
In my mums group there are 9 ladies, 6 pigeon pairs and 3 same sex.
I reckon #2 is luck of the draw but i have read and heard that if you have 2 same sex then your third is usually the same sex again.

My mum had B G B G
MIL had B G B

SIL has B B B
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