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Same Sex or Pigeon Pair? Rss

I have 2 girls
DH is from a family of 3 boys
I'm from a family of 5 girls

Eldest sister had 1 girl
Second eldest had 1 girl then 2 boys

others havent had kids yet smile
I have a girl and a boy
I have one older brother, so boy, girl
DH has 2 younger sisters, so boy, girl, girl
My Mum is the eldest of girl, girl, girl, girl, boy
My Dad is the eldest of boy, boy

I have 4 friends with who have 3 boys each and no girls!

My mum had G,G,G,B,G Hubby's mum had B,G,B,B I have one Boy and betting on this one being a boy to!
i have a pigeon pair! boy then girl they have different fathers so that might have something to do with the different sexes? doesnt the sperm decide the sex the baby will be?

my ds was the first boy in my mums side of the family for generations!

my mum had 2 girls
my mums sister had 2 girls
their mum (my grandmother) had 2 girls
and her mum (my great grandmother) had 2 girls

my DP mum had girl boy boy(dp) girl

DS father just had one older sister.

i have G and these 2 are B but they have differnt fathers. DDs biological father also has a B

my mum had g,g,b (b was to a different father then the g's)

DP is 1 of 3 b although his mum miscarried a g

my boilogical father has had 4 g's to 2 different women

my step dad and his first wife had 3 boys

2 of my friends have a pigeon pair. 1 is b,g the other is g,b
i have 2 boys from a previous partner and im having a girl with my new partner. he is the last one in his family to be able to carry on his surname with a boy, but the males in his family just cant seem to have boys!! his sister has a boy but all his cousins etc have girls. we want to try again after this one to try get him a boy but were pretty sure hell have 2 girls!
me however, im from a family that has 8 girls and 1 boy, however the 1st 4 girls, mum had from her 1st marriage, then she went on to have another girl with another partner, than she met my dad and had 2 girls, then finally a boy, then another girl!! i was convinced that because i was from a family with so many girls, that i would have girls, but that was until i learnt the sex of the baby has nothing to do with the mothers side of the family.

I have 2 girls and am certain #3 is a girl as well. My mum had 3 girls and my eldest sister has 3 boys and my other sister had girl, boy, girl, boy. MIL had boy, girl. I always said if I had a 3rd child it would be a girl! Most of my friends have same sex too.

I have a DD and I am 36wks pregnant with a boy. so i guess its a pigeon pair for us.
I come from a family of 4 girls.
My Mum: twin girls, then boy
Dh's Mum: 3 boys
dh's oldest brother: girl,boy
dh's elder brother: girl,boy,girl
us: Girl, boy

We didn't find out what we were having first time and 2nd we found out.

We don't want anymore chn but it would be interesting to see if we did or dh's oldest brother had another if they would be girls.

Megan: Cathrine 21/10/06 Alex 25/03/08

I have 2 Boys.
DH has a sister and
my mum 1st partner boy
Second partner girl, girl, boy, girl
3rd partner me (girl)

My sister has
1st partner girl boy girl
2nd partner boy

my other sister 3 boys

My brother
1st partner girl
2nd partner girl
3rd partner is ment to be a boy

the others don't have kids yet.
[Edited on 13/08/2009]

We have a boy, & this ones a girl

I'm from G, G
Df from B, G

In my generation, all my family had girls, now that we are older, we've all had boys. My sis is preggers with another I was quite surprised to get a pigeon pair


Hi, we were discussing this with the doctors at work- but they are all pathologists, not obs. If you have a girl first you are more likely to have subsequent girls but if you have a boy first the next one is just as likely to be either. I have one dd 8 months.
But having said that my mum had
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