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  5. 7 weeks PG with #2 and feeling really worried this time around does anyone feel like that to.

7 weeks PG with #2 and feeling really worried this time around does anyone feel like that to. Rss

Hi there Some of you may know me. I am now 7 weeks pregnant with me #2 it took us a while to TTC this one. For some reason I am really worried when i go for my u/s next week that they will not find a heart beat.I don't know why i am so worried i had a great pregnancy with my First with no problems at all, I have not had any miscarries. And i am healthy but for some strange reason i am worried about this one. I dont know if it because i want this so bad that i want everything to be ok.
I know i think i am worrying to much. has anyone felt like this or am i the only one this is a worry wort

Hi Donna,

No your not the only one. I felt exactly the same. I m/c after my daghter but with that pregnancy and this one I was worried for some reason too, only now is it starting to ease a little. Like you I had a dream pregnancy first time round.
You prob are worrying too much, like I did, but I do understand where you are coming from.
Take care and try not to stress, I am sure everything will be fine.

Hi Donna82

It is completely normal to feel this way. I was the same as you. I had a perfectly normal preg with DD and never miscarried before, yet with this preg I was really anxious and worried before my first doctors visit and scan. I was terrified that they wouldn't find a heart beat even though I had no reason to believe I would miscarry. Please try not to worry too much. Just take good care of yourself and stay positive.
Hi Donna, I know exactly what you mean. I had a great preg and birth with DS#1 but this time (I'm now 20 weeks) I was sooooo much more worried about things, even right up until my 19 week scan. I am more relaxed now and I can't really pinpoint why I was so anxious other than to say that 1st time around we conceived really quickly and to be honest I wasn't even 100% sure I was ready to be a Mum. This time we had to try for 8 months and I really wanted another baby. I also think that now I have a better understanding of "what you get at the end" and I love DS#1 so much that it makes me more nervous this time. I think your feelings are totally natural and I really hope all goes well and you can relax a bit more soon smile

Jackson 28.10.07 and Madeleine 16.12.09

Hi there, I AM EXACTLY the same. First pregnancy had a few little probs, nothing major. This time, it took us 9 months to conceive, and I am Absolutely Sh1t-scared. I dont' know what it is, I just feel absolute dread about this pregnancy. i want it sooo bad, but I am terrified that at the ultrasound they won't find a heartbeat, or it will be all good and then be born stillborn.

I know i am being RIDICULOUS, but I can't help it.

Hey Donna,

Firsty Congratulations smile
Secondly - i know exactly how you fell, this is #2 for me aswell and im also scared that something will go wrong. When i had my 12 weeks scan and everything was OK it took some time to sink in but i still have anxiety about losing this pregnancy.

If you ever want to chat please let me know, im on FB(Kirsty) let me know if you need anything -xx-

P.S. So so happy for you
hey there girls I am so glad im not the only one i go for my 8 week scan next week so cant wait but hoping they find that little heart beat and then i think i will stop worry so much.

i Think this pregnancy is so different to my DS i have lot more feeling sick in my tummy and i am feeling alot my body ack and pains cant sleep really well but that what you get when you are pregnant well thankyou so much girls and i will chat soon.

You are not alone, i feel every little twinge or cramp or movememtn and stress too, you know my story so i wont detail but i have my scan next week too,i think once i have that i will feel so much better

I felt the same, especially for about the first 16 weeks of this pregnancy. I have felt a lot better since I started feeling movements and kicks. Now if I feel a twinge or a cramp I am able to feel that things are ok by a kicka s well smile

I think at the beginning it was such a worry because I was used to 'really' feeling pregnant. I needed more than just sore boobs and nausea!

Hi there girls sorry i haven't been on for a while just really busy and morning sickness all day.
Anyway what a day today Me and Dh got to see our little baby today on the u/s it was so great seeing that little heart beat at 156bp. I am not that worried anymore. my date has been push back so i might need it changed on there month thing the EDD is the 17th march which only makes me 7 weeks so im going to have to change my ticker
ok well have a good day girls take care.

Hey there..
This is my 3rd child but my second pregnancy as last was twins..
I also was very scared at my 7 weeks scan that something would be wrong!! but it all turned out fine. Then i have my 20 wk scan next monday and i'm terrified about that too.. not sure why as everything was fine last time.
All the best with your scan.
Hi there,

I know exactly how you feel. I am pregnant with #3 and for some unknown reason I am terrified that things are going to go wrong, my other 2 pregnancies were normal and I have never had a misscarriage so I am just trying to tell myself that its all in my head smile I think the main reason I have been worried is because I have had no morning sickness but the odd day where I am nauseas completely different to what I was with my 2 boys so I am hoping its a sign that its going to be a girl smile
Good luck and best wishes

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